A backstage look at how to create a complicated outdoor festival website in just 16 minutes

Dear all, 

We've just made a website for an outdoor arts festival in just 16 minutes. That's not a joke – we've automated the system so it really is that fast. The effect is that we can create a website for any festival that has massive benefits for you, your audience and your performers, without having to charge an arm and a leg.
Here's a 3-minute video showing you how it works:

The (fake) website created in this video: busk.co/cgf
The (real) website we made for the Edinburgh Fringe: busk.co/edfringe
Features include
  • An interactive map showing where 5 pitches are in and around Covent Garden
  • All the daily schedules, also showing who is "live" now.
  • A list of all the performers
  • Information about the festival
  • A link to register as a performer
The performers listed link to the performers' profiles, where audiences can see more, hire them, and tip them with PayPal, Apple Pay or Cards. We don't take a commission on hires or on payments, both are free services we provide.
It's not just supposed to be good for audiences and the performers, but also for you – it takes about 10 seconds to make changes to the schedule, when they invariably happen.
Available Extras
  • Make the page embeddable on your own website
  • Local things to do, your sponsors (i.e. hotel locations), your info tent, your security/medical info etc
  • Branding/design – using your fonts, logos, colours etc
  • And we'll throw in some google ads for free, driving traffic to your festival page on our site.
So, if you're a performer, festival producer or just interested in how this works, please get in touch:
Skype: omnigut
Phone: +57 300 884 8805

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