AGM and Voting 2014

AGM – Agenda and Voting

The survey will close at 12 midnight on Wednesday 25th February 2014.

The survey will only take a couple of minutes to complete.

The maximum Steering Group size is 12. We are presently at a healthy size of 8 members, two members resigning, 1 member re-standing, 1 member being co-opted as ISAN reciprocal member and 1 new nomination. We have the capacity to accept all three candidates so there is no need for an competitive  election this year but we still need you to vote for (or against) the three candidates.

Many Thanks.
Mission Control: Bev Adams, Natasha Bolonkin, Lucy Frost, Roger Hartley, Jules Howarth, Tony Lidington, Paschale Straiton, Garth Williams

Before you go to the survey you will need…

Here are the accounts for Jan 1st – Dec 31 2013. Please have a look at them before you approve or disapprove them in the survey. And the Minutes for 2013 AGM.

NASA Final Accounts 2013 – expenses detail

NASA Final Accounts 2013

minutes nasa agm 8th Feb 2013

The AGM 2014 Agenda

Annual General Meeting of National Association of Street Artists UK

Date and Time: 23 February 2014 10am
Venue: St Peters Academy, Fenton Manor, Fenton, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 2RR

1. Minutes and matters arising
Minutes from AGM 8 Feb 2013 Bristol

2. Reports and accounts
To receive and consider the:
a) Accounts for the financial year 1 Jan 2013 to 31 December 2013 (Final Accounts and Final Accounts expenses detail)
b) Report of the Steering Group (to be delivered verbally at the AGM and posted by email shortly after)

3. Appointment of Steering Group
a) To accept the resignations of Natasha Bolonkin and Bev Adams
b) To consider re-appointment of Bev Adams and new appointments of Sian Thomas (ISAN reciprocal board representative – Bev presently represents NASA on ISAN’s board) and Jonny Walker. As we have sufficient space on the Steering Group at the present time to accept all candidates, no election is necessary.

3. Alterations to the Constitution
No amendments are proposed by the Steering Group. Proposed alterations from members will be considered up to and during the AGM on 23 Feb at 10am. These can be sent by email to or given in person at the meeting.

4. Members proposed resolutions
Members proposed resolutions can be sent by email to or to or given in person at the meeting.

5. Any other business

6. Date/s of next meetings

Mission Control

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