Busking Project Survey of Buskers experiences in the UK

Keeping free art on the streets!

Dear busker,We are conducting a large-scale study into the way street performance affects the way people experience city life, and the effect that local government policies have on encouraging/discouraging a good busking culture.

We would like you to help us by responding to a few questions.

Survey here  https://goo.gl/ELEWFx

These questions concern the details of the current licensing system, the overall approach local authorities employ, and how well (or badly) buskers tend to be treated.

Our aim is to be able to convince mayors, licensing officers, local businesses and people in the tourist industry that buskers play an important part of our cities’ cultural and social environments, that free expression is an inherent right, and that buskers should be encouraged, supported and celebrated.

Please, feel free to ask us any questions regarding our research.

Thank you very much in advance for your contribution. We are looking forward to viewing your response!

Vivian Doumpa
Researcher – Urban Planner Eng.
The Busking Project
email: vivian@thebuskingproject.com

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