How is the vote to leave the EU affecting you?

How is the vote to leave the EU affecting you?

Dear NASA Members,

It’s now more than five weeks since the referendum vote on 23rd June, when the UK public decided to leave the EU.  The dust has settled a bit and we thought that this would be a good time to connect with you and collect your thoughts.

Just after Referendum day a group from the NASA Steering Group were at the Greenwich & Docklands Riverside Festival where there was a palpable atmosphere of shock. Many Artists born on the Continent but based in the UK talked about plans to leave the UK. Others turned their thoughts to Scotland and the Scottish vote to Remain. Welsh delegates were particularly dismayed at the way the referendum had gone in Wales – given the large amount of EU subsidies that region has received over the last 20 – 30 years.

Questions, concerns, worries, actions? What do we do about it? What can we do?

What we think NASA UK can do is

  • To open up the conversation amongst our network
  • Talk about how it affects you and your plans
  • Share concerns about funding – about commissions and about artistic collaborations that might be at risk
  • Gather ideas on how to surmount this radical change in the UK:international landscape

Have you had a job or commission cancelled that you believe is linked to the UK’s decision to leave the EU?
Have your plans been frustrated in trying to set up European partnerships?
Have you got any inspired ideas to keep closely connected with friends and funding sources in Europe?
Does the time-delay in leaving the EU cause problems?
How can we in the UK now work with international partners from the EU and beyond?

Whatever it is – problem or solution – we would like to hear from you and discuss.

Post your comment/opinion here (anonymously) or just leave a comment below.

One thing that became clear on 23rd June is that we are a split community/country with a 51.9% vs. 48.1% vote result.

Since the Referendum Hate/Racially Motivated Crime has risen.

These are clearly very turbulent times politically both nationally and internationally.

And so what we do? We – Artists and creators of Outdoor Arts – are uniquely positioned to connect with all communities across the country with an attitude of openheartedness and tolerance, to inspire people to be good and generous humans and to engage with the strong difference of opinions that we see reflected in the close percentages in the Referendum. How do we continue to do our bit to break down barriers and show people that we are all different and yet all the same; share the same Humanity?

Having said all that, and to be fair to everyone, voting to leave the EU doesn’t mean that just over half of UK voters are “bad” people who don’t care about life, liberty, the Arts, happiness, tolerance. Perhaps you voted to leave and have a set of reasons why. Your opinions are welcome in this discussion too!

In our time, it’s never been more important for the Artists to speak their minds and freely and openly engage with the Public, with the Government, with the Funders and the Media. So please contribute your voice, your opinions, your ideas and you can do this Anonymously here or leave a comment below.

NASA UK Steering Group

Beka, Chris, Garth, Jules, Kim, Lucy, Mandy, Paschale, Sue.

NASA UK – working to support artists working in the Outdoor Arts sector.

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One comment on “How is the vote to leave the EU affecting you?
  1. Sue Auty says:

    I feel it might be too early to say at the moment. Unlike some industries ours has a longer run in so the real effects may not be felt until next year, maybe when we’re planning next summer’s touring. Even though we still won’t have left the EU at that point some of the down turn in the economy might be biting harder.
    I think it’s a ‘wait and see’ situation and be prepared to be creative in thinking what do we do if the work dries up?

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