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NASA welcomes new members at any time. Our membership year runs from 1st January – 31st December.

The National Association of Street Artists is a membership organisation open to individuals who work professionally in the Outdoor Arts in the UK, individuals and companies  that create work for the street, public spaces, events, festivals and other outdoor contexts. NASA is constituted as an unincorporated not-for-profit organisation with an elected management committee (steering group). Our AGM usually happens as part of For the Love Of It (FLOI) every Spring (in Feb or March). FLOI is a great event and we encourage you to come to it as it’s good fun.

Please complete the Membership Application Form

Once we’ve got the form we will invoice you.

Membership Fees
Annual fees are as follows:

  • individual / unfunded company membership is £20 and gives 1 person voting rights
  • Student membership – for those in full-time education £10 (Proof by NUS card and supporting docs required)
  • funded company membership is £50 and gives 1 person voting rights

You can pay by Bank Transfer, Standing Order or by  via PayPal


Renewing Membership

Payment details are on the invoice that we send you. To request a a copy of the invoice just email us

If you are already a member but if you want to change details please email us the changes. Thanks.

Your membership runs Jan-Dec calendar year. We automatically roll your membership forwards each year. We send out invoices in April each year. If you want to leave NASA then you must let us know by June 1st each year (after that date we assume you are staying with us and agree to pay your subs) You have until November 1st each year to pay your subs.

You can pay by Bank Transfer, Standing Order or  via PayPal


NASA UK Membership

You can see details of our members here on the website, although not everyone provides us with photos and links.

NASA members range from young to experienced companies, from regularly Arts Council funded companies to those who have never received any public funding, from small one-hander companies to large companies, from companies where the artists also run the administration to those with an administration team that support artists. There are also individual members who work for a number of companies. Thus there is a range of experiences among our members. Wherever you sit in these descriptions, you will not be alone! The network is supportive and people do offer help to support the development of companies.

Membership Provides

Access to the e-group
Access to the members’ area of the website (password protected)
Listing on the NASA website with a link through to your own website
Members can post their news and updates on the NASA website
Facebook and Twitter accounts for you to follow NASA and contribute to/participate in
Invitations to participate in all NASA events

Voting rights at AGM/Elections
A strategic voice which benefits all of us

The services of the steering group include:

  • advocacy and representation at key events at the UK and Internationally
  • engagement in strategy and policy discussions affecting street arts
  • undertaking projects on behalf of NASA members
  • acting as support for companies when there are problems with specific events
  • information dissemination
  • responding to requests by members for specific action
  • e-group, website and membership management

Find out about the Mission Control/Steering Group