We have lost a friend – Bernie Bennet passed away last week

Bernie Bennet

We have lost a friend, a great artist and inspiration and friend to many fellow artists, let alone the tens of thousands of people he delighted with his unique act over the years.

Some of you might have already heard this sad news. Bernie Bennet, NASA member and friend to many suddenly passed away last week. He will be missed and our thoughts and condolences go out to his family and friends.

Here’s what has been announced so far.

David Danzig has posted on FB and also Mark Morreau.

Bernie Bennett…Farewell! Thanks for your great shows and inspiration. You will be missed and remembered in our hearts.

From David Danzig https://www.facebook.com/david.danzig.10

Sadly, this post is about the death of a dear friend Bernie Bennet who had been working outdoors as a tight-rope walker since at least 1984, when I first met him. Yesterday he opened his new show in Ireland and was thrilled that it had gone brilliantly. On the way back he had a nap whilst waiting for the ferry and died before waking up, most probably from a heart attack. He was working with a young performer called Ayrton who raised the alarm, got help and then had to drive Bernie’s rig back on his own. I’m more than happy to pass on any messages of condolence to his wife Rosa and his son and daughter.

To everyone who posted about Bernie Bennet this is from his wife Rosa:
Thank you all so much for your kind words and wonderful reminiscences of times with Bernie. Myself, Aimee and Alex have loved reading them. We will be holding a big celebration of his life here in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire soon. You are all invited and I will let you know through Dave and Mandy. Bernie always said he wanted a viking funeral – in a flaming boat set out to sea. So that is what we are giving him! Our son Alex is going to make a small boat and we will put his ashes in it and set him off from a beach we love, at midnight. Love to you all, Rosa. xx

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