The Lanternhouse (Ulverston, Cumbria) website says  “We believe Lanternhouse is the catalyst for people to debate, experience and participate in contemporary art and culture. It is a place where ideas, art forms and people collide to create a special energy and atmosphere.”

Information about the the Lanternhouse

Our experience there this past weekend at FLOI 12 was just that. Thank you Lanternhouse!

Update by Bev Adams May 2012

At FLOI12, NASA members learned that Lanternhouse was set to close.  NASA members felt strongly that NASA should support any campaign to retain Lanternhouse as a facility for the creation and practice of outdoor and community arts.  After FLOI12, NASA set up a fact finding subgroup of NASA members and other interested parties, to ascertain what support NASA could provide preserve The Lanternhouse.  The Lanternhouse board meet again in October to look at options.

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