For the Love Of It 2018

FLOI-18 Announced!


For the Love Of It  2018

Our preeminent annual gathering of creative people who make live art outdoors.

Dates: 2nd-4th of March 2018 – Friday to Sunday

Venue: Walk the Plank Creation Hub, Cobden Works, Salford, Manchester, M6 6WF, UK.

Cobden Works is the brand new £1m+ home for Walk The Plank in Salford – a creative hub for outdoor arts.

This edition, called “Method”, promises to be ’48 hours of Inspiration, Creation and Fun’.

FLOI-18 will feature inspiring talks, workshops,  skill-sharing, try-out works, games, play,  cooking and eating together and great conversations, and a bar. FLOI is a great time to catch up with old friends and make new ones.  As always at FLOI  everyone has an opportunity to contribute to the community  – give a talk, run a workshop, hold a topic of debate, run some games, cook, wash-up, show a work-in-progress, be the DJ for an hour, dance… whatever your heart desires: just come along and share 🙂

Booking will open in September 2017.

But if you already interested in participating in any way or located near-by and want to get involved please email FLOI at

What is For the Love Of It?

Part of the fun is that as most of the sessions are led by the participants, we almost can’t tell what sessions we can expect until they happen, its a leap in the dark…

What we do know is that the weekend will be a mixture of:

  • Learning practical skills  e.g. fooling techniques, chorus song, electricity outdoors, explosions
  • Focused discussions  e.g. critical writing, diversity and other conundrums
  • Presentations from invited guests exploring their work and ideas about the world
  • Showings of work in progress from ideas to performance
  • Eating and chatting with other participants in an open and friendly atmosphere

See the fun at FLOI-17

Theme:  Method

‘Practice… makes practice’
– Making by all means.
– Sustaining the core of what you do.
– Practical, processing and putting it all in play.

– How things are usually done

–  Centering your approach

– Rehearsals and Training


What are your ideas? Email:


FLOI-18  Registration Form and Payment options

FLOI is run by NASA UK and led by Chris Squire and Garth Williams (members of the Steering Group.)

The FLOI 2016 -18 project receives support from Arts Council England so that we can keep costs to participants as a low as possible, making FLOI as accessible as we can.

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