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Lady Augusta

This beautiful giant explorer and adventurer, Lady Augusta Llywelyn-Gordon stands 12 ft tall and has two friendly field assistants to help her perform as she identifies interesting creatures and features with her specialist equipment (including an impressive giant magnifying glass and binoculars). She is qualified in many academic areas having studied anthropology, geology, entomology, cosmology, biology and other ‘ologies’.  She glides through her environment with an air that is redolent of La Belle Epoch.




At your event


Lady Augusta is a quality walkabout performance, suitable for a huge variety of occasions. Two performers negotiate her progress and engage with the audience who are invited to share their own knowledge of the environment with the crowd.


Small World Theatre’s extensive experience in live performance, street improvisation and environmental issues assures bookers that Lady Augusta will hit the spot on many levels. At an outdoor event she functions as a tantalising and enigmatic presence in natural or urban environments. She is highly adaptable in a wide range of locations from natural parks and botanical gardens to pedestrianised streets and town squares, and she can perform indoors providing there are no hidden challenges (like low ceilings and doors).


Her two diminutive companions engage audiences and encourage participation in their hilariously improvised field trips. The show and short expedition lasts approximately 30 minutes and can be repeated up to about 3 times in one day. Please talk to Small World Theatre about your event and we will adapt the performance and make relevant, bespoke aspects to fit your requirements.




Contact Sam Vicary, Marketing Officer 01239 615 952,

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