NASA UK Accounts 2015

Dear NASA members,

Here are the Accounts for 2015 (Jan 1st 2015- Dec 31st 2015) and the Minutes from the AGM last year and a Report from the Steering Group.

Please click on the links to the pdfs and word documents read the Minutes, the Report  and view the Accounts.
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Any questions about the accounts/report/minutes please email for more information.

The AGM is on Saturday March 5th so please vote before then if at all possible!
Voting will close at 12 midnight on Tuesday 8th March 2016.


Many thanks!

Management Committee Report 2015    Report from the Steering Group (Mission Control) on 2015

NASA AGM 2015 minutes   Last year’s AGM Minutes

NASA UK 2015 Treasurers Report 2015

NASAUK Trial Balance Financial Year 2015

NASA UK Profit & Loss 2015

NASA UK Balance Sheet Summary 2015

NASA UK General Ledger 2015

Income Breakdown

Income Breakdown

Expense Breakdown 2015

Expense Breakdown 2015