NASA aims to support and develop the professional practice of UK based street artists by:

  • Engaging in strategy and policy discussions
  • Advocating for the sector and networking with key organisations
  • Providing information sharing, discussion forums and peer support
  • Undertaking research and delivering developmental projects

NASA provides on-line groups where members can debate, work and share ideas and information. When requested and when it is to the benefit of street artists in the UK, our Steering Group (Mission Control) will discuss artists’ concerns and issues with external parties.

NASA values its working relationships with a range of organisations including ISAN, Circus Arts Forum, Conflux, Equity, XTRAX, ITC and many others in the UK and Internationally  (many acronyms! Visit Links for more information).

Please note: NASA is not a union. For Union services please contact Equity (actors) and the Musicians Union (musicians).


Funding for NASA core activities comes from membership fees. We apply for grants to deliver Projects. In 2013 and 2015 we received funding from Grant For The Arts from Arts Council England

NASA is a network managed by an elected (by the Membership) Steering Group called Mission Control.

Mission Control

Our Steering Group, or Mission Control, is made of practicing artists who volunteer their time to attend planning meetings, co-ordinate projects and network on behalf of the organisation and its members. Some travel expenses, accommodation expenses and office-type costs are covered. Activities by Steering Group members to deliver Projects are covered by the specific project grants. Mission Control appoints people to deliver projects as appropriate and funds come from the project grant.

The management and development of NASA is undertaken by its elected steering group who who meet 2 – 3 times a year:

NASA attends showcases, meetings and strategically important street arts festivals and events in the UK and internationally. If appropriate, NASA is happy to carry and display, on behalf of its paid up and e-group members, a small amount of printed publicity, DVDs and CDs at the events it attends. There is a nominal charge for this service of £10 for UK events (£5 for paid up members) and £20 for international events (£10 for paid up members). Mission Control will put calls out for publicity from members on the NASA e-group.

General Contact: missioncontrol@nasauk.org

NASA is a Community Interest Company (a C.I.C) called “National Association of Street Artists UK CIC” , a not-for-profit organisation with an elected management committee called Mission Control or Steering Group and most of that group are registered as Company Directors. Our Reg#: 11386684

Registered address:

NASA UK c/o 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space, Communication Way, Greenham Business Park, Newbury, Berkshire, RG19 6HN.

(updated and changed October 2018)

General Contact: missioncontrol@nasauk.org

Membership or Website: members@nasauk.org

Projects: projects@nasauk.org

For the Love Of It (FLOI): floi@nasauk.org