Distressed Town Centres – Nick Broad

Name Nick Broad
Email nick@thebuskingproject.com
Subject Distressed Town Centres
Message I’m sure you’ve heard about the High Street Taskforce looking to rejuvenate our town centres: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-25147673 I thought now might be the perfect time to show a united front on behalf of parties interested in beautifying our city and town centres: NASA, Association of Street Artists and Performers, the Musicians Union and The Busking Project. A successful bid could potentially see us influencing city planners to put in social areas when they rebuild. These social areas could have a focus on entertainment — street artists. I think we’d also be able to approach the Project for Public Spaces and any number of other interested bodies. So, I’d love to meet you and discuss. I see you’re registered in West Yorkshire. I’m happy to travel there, but was hoping you might have a London contingent. Thanks, Nick Broad 07736 925 000 nick@thebuskingproject.com
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