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Hi Paschale, you're not bothering me in the slightest. I am nor super busy, just in a different time zone and less interested in nasa. Also it good if other people do this work. I'm a bit bored of it after 5 years. 
We don't get that many interesting things, but we do get a few. Dealing with the PSPO question fron the BBC re Bourmouth is a good example, though that initially came to I can pass those on to missioncontrol@
Hi Mel.

I will add Mel to the fowarding from So, Mel, expect to get added to that.
Mel. We recieve the odd email from people and from groups. IF you think it's of interest to our members then forward it to nasa-uk-members google group, you are connected to that already i think. Or if its interesting to Steering Group only forward to them, you have that link already.
You can, of course, if its interesting, post it to the nasa facebook group or to the twitter, and you have that ability already i think.
This request is that it gets done and not just that emails come in and people assume someone else will do it. Which has been my default role to cover that gap.
if you think its interesting to post to the website then forward the email to    which automatically adds it posts on the website. BUT you must change the subjet line to the relevant category before any colon ( 🙂 . 
<My Big new idea: outdoor dragon by AimtoflyUK>  arrives as the subject line in the missioncontol@  email box
to push that onto the website you would forward it but change subject line to
<news from members: My Big new idea outdoor dragon by AimtoflyUK>   leaving out the second colon. 
the first colon allows the website to automastically place it in the 'news from members' post section.
that's a category "news from members", other categories are "uk arts news" and "international news" all to be added before the first and only colon in the SUBJECT line.
I hope that not too confusing to handle.
I am available generally 6:30 hours ahead in time so to speak, but the idea is that someone else from the SG does this. Often Pachacale and I and a few others a times deal with everyting and spreading the load helps a lot.
 and bests, and thanks fro making time for this – I know you are busy (I follow you on FB)

On 3 Dec 2017 10:44 p.m., "Paschale Straiton" <> wrote:

Hello Jules, 

Sorry to bother, as I'm sure you're super busy.
Mel has kindly agreed to forward on the emails that you normally do. Do you normally forward stuff sent to the mission control email address? If so, would it make sense to enable Mel to receive these? 
All the best, 

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