Here’s a really cool site – well worth checking out. Busking Lives!




We want to live in a world where artists are encouraged to beautify their cities, and where you can see a great live show on a local street corner.


We’ll show that busking is an indespensible part of this planet’s cultural landscape, dispel the myths surrounding it, and help to create a world where people aren’t arrested for being badass in public.



Because, as our lives get increasingly digitised and bureaucratic, busking is more important than ever:


  • It’s the last vestige of non-commercial art, untainted by ads, sponsorship or the cult of celebrity
  • It adds spontenaity to the rat race
  • It gives emerging artists a chance to practice, meet audiences and avoid having to perform at endless weddings
  • It affords the homeless and people with disabilities (and graduates entering a double-dip recession) to earn an honest living
  • It’s good for business and tourism
  • And, best of all, it engenders creative social spaces where people who can’t afford a $40 ticket can still enjoy a great show
  • Cirque du Soleil, Eddie Izzard, B.B. King, Penn & Teller, Justin Bieber and thousands more have forged their careers on the street


To do this we’re making an innovative website that’ll help thousands of buskers reach millions of people!




FOR YOU. You’ll be immersed in the weird and wonderful world of street performance, being able to view videos and reviews of all of the best that are out there. You’ll also discover who your local buskers are — and where to find them.


FOR THEM. We’ll give buskers the power to create their own profiles, upload media, network, and place themselves on an interactive map of the world. They’ll even be able to make money — yes, through tips! And we’ll supply them with help for when they have to defend themselves or their art form in courts and council meetings.



Yes! We’re making a documentary, a book, cds, a phone app, and we’re organising a busker festival in New York. Bring it on!

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