Let’s make 2017 Silly

Let's make 2017 Silly

Bureau of Silly Ideas


Welcome to the new year!

With the festivities behind us we would like to launch 2017 with a whole load of silly.

For your street festivals, our ever increasing herd of radio controlled street furniture. Road-cones, wheelie bins, plant pots, portaloos, Christmas trees and a baby buggy all come to life causing hilarity and surprise wherever they go.

Each object has it’s own character and story.  Many of them talk with the operator being entering into a conversation as the robots character via a hidden two-way radio system. The audience shares an emotional experience created with the surprise and humour invoked by adding life to everyday inanimate objects. Our performers are happy to work with you to develop local and or brand messaging into the characters. 

See more of the action here.

Contact Us for Walkabout Entertainment.


Bureau of Silly Ideas


Silly Towers, which includes our offices, workshops and studios is excellently placed in the culturally dynamic area of Brixton in South London. We are 5 minute walk from Brixton tube station and a short 15 minute tube journey to central London. We are exceptionally lucky to have not one, but TWO spaces available for hire. They can be utilised as workshops, photography and filming studio space, events, rehearsals or even as performance venues. We also have the benefit of a network of affiliated artists in many fields including lighting and sound designers, producers, art directors and performers. If you need more than just a space, the Silly studios might just be the place for you.

Contact Us for London Space Hire


Bureau of Silly Ideas


New for 2017 we introduce The Original Mobile Phone,

Imagine a traditional Gossip Chair, traditional plush curvy velvet with a bespoke table for you to converse.  Upon the table sits a telephone to entice you into modern dialogue.

A Tiffany Lamp lights up at the click of your fingers.

Conversations roll down the street.

The telephone rings and people leap to speak to the mystery voice, who carries the conversation away, as the chair drives off with them down your streets. 

See more of the action here.


Bureau of Silly Ideas


If you need some creative intervention to bring your streets alive for 2017

Contact us for more ideas of Silliness for All Seasons.

hello@bureauofsillyideas.com | + 44 (0) 207 095 9666 | www.bureauofsillyideas.com

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