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NASA UK Registered Office: 51.374881, -1.283276
Architects of Air: 52.963581, -1.149406
Avanti Display: 53.434002, -2.264345
Bell & Bullock: 54.873869, -1.768478
Creature Feature: 53.645792, -1.785035
Curious Cargo: 55.378051, -3.435973
Derek Carpenter: 55.378051, -3.435973
Desperate Men: 51.454513, -2.587910
Dingle Fingle: 51.815606, -0.808400
Electric Cabaret: 52.033122, -1.142929
Fairly Famous Family: 54.436803, -2.959737
Fastest One Man Band: 53.969009, -2.627691
Fine Artistes: 51.230751, -2.320096
Frenetic Engineering: 51.466382, -2.584270
Frolicked: 53.713558, -2.096962
Grand Theatre of Lemmings: 51.895927, 0.891874
Larkin\' About: 51.409014, -0.366714
Los Kaos: 51.708523, -2.668373
Fools Paradise: 50.724809, -3.531252
EveryBody Dance: 52.206375, -2.433809
Fuse Somerset Outdoor Arts: 51.002522, -3.043213
Hotch Potch: 51.063988, -1.317778
Micky Bimble: 53.410794, -1.448477
Mimbre: 51.537563, -0.058310
Mischief La Bas : 55.858585, -4.245605
Neighbourhood Watch Stilts International: 54.971199, -1.627423
Orit Azaz: 52.486243, -1.890401
Pif-Paf Theatre: 53.404098, -1.442682
Promenade Promotions Ltd: 50.581807, -3.467566
Red Herring Productions: 50.822530, -0.137163
Safetycatch Productions: 53.447695, -2.307839
Scarabeus Aerial Theatre: 51.564283, -0.140076
Stewart Lodge aka Billy Button: 53.509490, -2.328477
The Fire Man Dave aka The Great Mandavi: 53.744426, -2.009439
Whalley Range All Stars: 53.598308, -2.284727
What A Palaver!: 53.184316, -1.254363
Bureau of Silly Ideas: 51.459677, -0.123429
Circii: 51.466382, -2.584270
Ric Taylor/ Granny Turismo: 53.761620, -2.005954
Molly Orange: 53.441881, -2.273849
Mr Jules: 51.481581, -3.179090
And Now: 51.417001, -2.251142
Keep Streets Live: 53.775658, -1.556758
B Arts: 53.003137, -2.251509
Professor Squeezyjig: 52.866920, -2.699295
Other Half Productions: 51.540751, -0.058578
Madame Zucchini: 53.395399, -1.506603
Circadian: 51.499207, -0.088006
Ramshacklicious: 51.417783, -2.358830
Rough Magic Theatre: 54.388486, -2.901459
Cirque Bijou: 51.461001, -2.553196
Travelling Light Circus: 53.452900, -2.265704
Fabularium: 52.157278, -1.734358
Rag and Bone: 50.994343, -3.016547
Special & Affected: 53.763406, -0.389548
Kim Tilbrook: 51.454513, -2.587910
Ian Broscomb: 53.655381, -1.988951
Impossible Arts: 53.571313, -1.825656
Gobbledegook Theatre: 50.798433, 0.303970
Mufti Games: 51.461001, -2.553196
Swank: 51.470327, -0.061524
Handmade Theatre: 52.970701, -1.131210
Upper Level: 53.741789, -0.363627
Artemis Productions UK: 53.358081, -2.902989
Fair Play: 51.461001, -2.553196
Hogarth Productions: 51.431865, -1.010425
Murmuration Arts: 50.835201, -0.080208
Jon Hicks: 51.467715, 0.017569
Bongo Bolero: 51.378572, -2.367934
Articulture Wales: 52.637158, -3.836708
Artizani: 53.386254, -1.960780
Bev Adams Arts: 53.650320, -1.456613
Copperdollar: 50.814807, -0.106865
Serious Mischief: 51.540188, -2.419743
101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space/Corn Exchange Newbury: 51.374982, -1.283873
Circle of Two: 51.430211, -0.507841
Cecil Green Arts: 53.788836, -1.758777
Creative Scene: 53.692438, -1.628208
Curious Creations Events: 53.235633, -0.532837
Noisy Toys: 53.742214, -2.014360
Enter Edem: 52.639522, -1.126785
Little Big Band: 53.813828, -2.532434
Fearless People: 53.692082, -1.629195
Festive Road CIC: 52.040244, -0.781403
Tim Davies Design: 51.588363, -0.093491
Apus Productions/Hull Carnival Arts: 53.765710, -0.384178
Professor Queen Bee: 51.450584, -0.969543
Professor EEK: 51.451867, -0.972977
Peter Finegan: 53.471700, -2.247391
Rost Productions Ltd: 52.018698, -0.744324
Kate McStraw: 51.556155, -1.782532
Puppets with Guts: 50.838901, -0.148315
Annual Daydream Harvest: 51.436032, -0.940704
Altered States: 53.484368, -2.066803
The Strange Train Company: 53.411133, -2.158860
Kerfuffle Street Theatre: 53.723392, -1.945616
Sloth Time: 53.718296, -2.102340
Thingumajig Theatre: 53.714997, -2.088089
Same Difference: 53.801462, -1.662712
Physical Fool / Untethered: 51.464435, -2.569041
LAStheatre: 51.457537, -0.112782
Claire Teasdale: 51.463954, -2.552261
Urban Angels Ariel: 53.798601, -1.527402
Martin West: 51.439121, -1.173035
Mr Alexander\'s Travelling Show: 53.200517, -2.902183
The Wheelabouts: 52.240536, -3.379380
Circo Rum Ba Ba: 51.314409, 0.891189
Citrus Arts: 51.600105, -3.344936
Vince Virr: 53.794400, -1.751920
EggPeople: 53.407154, -2.991665
Noisy Oyster: 51.227100, -2.319300
Thomas Trilby: 51.899600, -2.071160
Walk The Plank: 53.487700, -2.289190
Amy Rose Projects: 51.467000, -2.601350
Clive Chandler: 52.479700, -1.902690
Lempen Puppet Theatre Company: 53.952800, -2.025090
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101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space/Corn Exchange Newbury
101 outdoor Arts Creation Space

101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space/Corn Exchange Newbury

101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space is a major national centre supporting the development of work outdoors and in public space. A 20,000sq ft warehouse with rehearsal space, living accommodation and fabrication facilities it hosts an average of 25 residencies a year by professional artists as well as training and development initiatives for those involved in making outdoor arts.
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Altered States

Altered StatesAltered States


Director of ALTERED STATES street theatre company,
Marc has been working outdoors for 20 years in a variety of roles
for many companies touring throughout the UK and Europe.

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Amy Rose Projects
Amy-Rose-ProjectsAmy Rose Projects

Amy Rose works across performance, participatory arts, research, education and activism. As a director, facilitator, collaborator and innovator, she helps people to value, imagine and achieve the creative, life-affirming potential of their places and communities.
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And Now
And Now

And Now


And Now: conceive, design and create visual
performance, image and installation; working with people, ideas, fire, fireworks, structures and light. Our work is
accessible, unexpected, entertaining and public. We
willingly engage with collaborative idea generating and
devising processes.

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Annual Daydream Harvest

Annual Daydream Harvestannual daydream harvest

The Annual daydream harvest is a collaboration of artists, a collection of makers and a network of performers united in their desire to make challenging and intrepid work with communities of people who do not consider themselves to be artists.

Participation is at the heart of our practice.
Our mission is to reach out to people through the creation of extraordinary moments.
We believe that these moments provoke conversation and connection between people.

We also like a giggle.

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Apus Productions/Hull Carnival Arts
Apus Productions Hull Carnival

Apus Productions/Hull Carnival Arts

Apus Productions is an established street theatre company, with specialist skills in costume design, prop and mobile set realisation, as well as carnival costume and puppetry. Originally founded in 2007, Charles Huckvale joined the company in 2014 to enable the company to diversify into community carnival work. Apus a current repertoire of eight street theatre acts that tour nationally and internationally.

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Architects of Air

Architects of AirArchitects of Air

Architects of Air build luminaria -
pneumatic walk-through sculptures
which are designed to generate a sense
of wonder through the particular
phenomenon of luminous colour. Our
luminaria have toured to 37 different
countries since 1992 and have featured
in a wide range of festivals, celebrations
and cultural events.

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Artemis Productions UK

Artemis Productions UKArtemis Productions UK

Artemis Productions was established in 2000. Based in Liverpool they are a street theatre company that specialises in vibrant stilt walking characters and interactive performance. They have built on their reputation of producing high quality stilt characters and regularly perform nationally and internationally at festivals and events including Nottingham Riverside Festival, London Mela, Liverpool International Music Festival, Glastonbury Festival, Sibiu Theatre Festival (Romania) and Eid Al Adha 2015 Festival (Doha Qatar).

The core company consists of founder member, Barry Han, a musician, designer, costume maker, and Sarah Han an actress, costume maker and workshop facilitator. Artemis thrive on being challenged to create new characters based on a brief and some of their most recent work has been produced this way. Working with Culture Liverpool, Artemis were commissioned to produce two giant flamingos inspired by the paintings of John James Audubon for the re opening of Liverpool Central Library and Light Night Liverpool. Artemis also deliver circus skills and performance workshops to schools and public groups.

Their work is often influenced by nature and movement and always has a playful, open sense of fun and mischief. The next phase of development for Artemis will see them add to their existing portfolio of characters and produce ground based walkabout shows and collaborations with other artists and companies.

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Articulture Wales

Articulture WalesArticulture Wales

Articulture is a creative organisation that aims to bring together practitioners to support the production of innovative, high quality outdoor arts unique to Wales.

We are a project-funded collective of four freelance arts practitioners, working with a range of collaborators and contributors. We dream, create, and manage around our kitchen tables, as well as on the ground across Wales and beyond.

Our work is motivated by the belief that outdoor arts has a unique and powerful ability to encourage wide spread participation and mutually beneficial partnerships across all sectors of society, that help develop more sustainable communities in Wales.

Inspiring us is a new and exciting era of Welsh outdoor work currently developing, with networking events such as Articulture’s The Great Outdoors Conference in 2012, and ground breaking work from organisations such as NoFit State Circus, Pontio and National Theatre Wales.

Through small scale events, funding support and commissions, working directly with Wales based arts practitioners, development officers, funders, venues, festivals, and businesses, Articulture aims to sow seeds and generate space for new connections, conversations and nurturing of ideas.

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Spectacular theatre performed in unconventional spaces.

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Avanti Display

Avanti DisplayAvanti Display

Popular Performance for the Great Outdoors.
Avanti Display have more than two decades of experience of producing and performing our essentially English street theatre. Drawing on our rich national tradition of popular theatre, we combine comedy, surrealism and spectacle to create shows that are imbued with a unique charm.

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B Arts

B ArtsB Arts


B arts is an arts and theatre company with a 30 year track record of making imaginative, thoughtful and heartfelt work across the UK, Europe and Asia. We work with people and places to connect them through story telling, performance, events, and media. We make outdoor theatre shows, carnivals, lantern processions, parties, meals, books, films, bread, bands, events, gardens, installations, experiences and some things that are mixtures of all of these. Our work is engaging, thought provoking and fun.

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Bell & Bullock

Bell & BullockBell & Bullock


We are a well established Circus Theatre Company who have built a reputation for providing highly interactive and professional Show and Walkabout acts.  Expect beautiful costumes, amazing contraptions and strong comic characterisation designed especially for festivals and events.

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Bev Adams Arts

Kdaj-je-Zadosti-directed-by-Bev-Adams at Ana-DesetnicaBev Adams Arts


Freelance Outdoor Arts Practitioner - director, performer,
producer, event and company manager, trainer and mentor.
Freelance arts practitioner/trustee Edgelands Arts
Currently acting chair ISAN, former NASA steering group member.

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Bongo Bolero

Bongo-BoleroBongo Bolero

Bongo Bolero are a physical based circus and street theatre company and have produced high quality work for over 25 years.
Our latest show is called Fat Cat and explores the unstable world of international high money rolers through slapstick buffoonery.

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Bureau of Silly Ideas

Bureau of Silly Idea Bureau of Silly Ideas

We create inspired madness and controlled chaos in the public realm.
With a true belief in the power of silliness,
we make engaging installations, superb shows and surprising interventions which bring magic to the mundane and encourage people to look at the everyday in new ways.

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Cecil Green Arts

Cecil Green ArtsCecil Green Arts

Cecil Green Arts creates visual street theatre in community settings, festivals and in the public realm. The company’s larger than life creations have been a staple of many participatory events, including lantern parades and street performance, in Bradford since 2011. We provide local communities with
new forms of creative voice and expression that for many are a first cultural experience. The company’s core team of local artists has a long-term commitment to the communities of Bradford.

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Circadian is a passionate, inventive outdoor Theatre Company.

We make exciting original work that engages with people, communities and their surroundings.

We also run workshops in play and the techniques of working outdoors.

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Street theatre & Walkabout, Aerial acts,
Outdoor spectacles, Clowning, Arson.

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Circle of Two

Circle of TwoCircle of Two

Circle of Two is formed by Ralph Taylor and Celia Mendizabal. They both started their performing careers busking on the streets of London, Barcelona and other major cities in Europe. They then ran away to the circus and later ran away from the circus and back to the streets! They now have two children who travel and perform with them occasionally.

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Circo Rum Ba Ba
Circo Rum Ba Ba

Circo Rum Ba Ba

Circo Rum Ba Ba is a well established, highly experienced women’s circus theatre company which fuses spectacular theatre with a diverse range of circus skills and disguise.

The company is well known for its elaborate, colourful costumes and painstaking detail to characterisation.

Circo Rum Ba Ba creates wonderfully bizarre, offbeat walkabout characters and images, designed specifically for festivals and events. We are passionate about bringing theatre to unexpected places and to engaging with incidental as well as gathered audiences at free-to-the-public events. We see it as our job to inspire, entertain and help raise self esteem and challenge prejudices and preconceptions. We hope to help our audiences discover that anything is possible!

From the subtle cameo to the grand parade, Circo Rum Ba Ba combines the surprising with the impossible, to produce a thrilling phenomenon of spectacle and show.
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Cirque Bijou
Cirque Bijou

Cirque Bijou

Cirque Bijou like to mix things up. From stunning artistic creations for rock concerts to seamlessly produced large scale participation shows in community settings, we seek out the new, unusual and surprising, drawing on the thousands of relationships we have built across the live entertainment, theatre and production industries since 1999. To this breadth of experience and formidable network we add passion, creativity and sky-high production values.

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Citrus Arts
Citrus ArtsCitrus Arts

Citrus Arts was set-up as a circus/dance/theatre production company in 2009, and quickly established a solid reputation across Wales & England for delivering high-quality touring shows, and commissions for community arts projects in the Welsh Valleys. Since becoming parents and making our home in the Rhondda area, we’ve received a lot of support to establish ourselves here as a company who create “Exceptional Experiences for Everyday People”.
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Claire Teasdale

Claire Teasdale - ProducerClaire Teasdale


talktoclaireteasdale (at)

I have produced, curated, fundraised and generally developed and
supported the Outdoor Arts in the UK for more than 15 years.

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Clive Chandler

Clive Chandler

Clive Chandler offers his most excellent and World Famous Punch and Judy show for all events and occasions. He has over 30 years experience in the noble art of making people laugh. He can also provide giant dancing street puppets and other amusing street entertainments including The Rickshaw.
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Copperdollar, is a theatrical Immersive Performance Company, working with cross art-forms to explore the possibilities of framing visual art within a theatrical setting and collapsing the wall between performer and audience.

The shows combine dance, theatre, visual and art digital, clowning, magical illusions
with archetypal storytelling, All with a large emphases on a playfully way of working closely with an audience.

The work ranges greatly in scale from large big-top with audiences of hundreds at ‘The Back of Beyond’, to town Parades /walkabouts and small tented sideshow ‘Spidora’ and their new two hander show ‘The Voyage of La Sibylle’ which is a promenade piece,

First commissioned by Glastonbury Festival and funded on numerous occasions by Arts Council England, Copperdollar have since been seen luring their audience beyond the veil @ Brighton Fringe, Stockton International Riverside Festival, Watch this Space at The National Theatre, Mintfest, Preston Guild Festival, Boomtown, Bestival, Kendal Mint fest, The Blind Tiger, The Old Market,
Lost Carnival, Hull Freedom Festival, Horniman museum, Belfast Slipways, Basingstoke Day of the Dead and many others.

The shows have won “Best Newcomers” 2008 Brighton Fringe,
"The Best of Glastonbury" by BBC2 in 2011, “Top Ten Weirdest Things to do at Glastonbury” NME in 2016.

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Creative Scene

Creative SceneCreative Scene


We commission, curate, produce and promote street arts and outdoors arts working with people in this part of West Yorkshire. As one of the Creative People and Places projects we support more people to choose, create and take part in brilliant art experiences in the places where they live, work and socialise.
Our area is rich in character, heritage, history and diverse cultures; we commission and produce artists to present and make extraordinary events and experiences on the streets, in town town centres, at transport hubs, in parks, pubs and social spaces. We want more people to experience and be inspired by the arts - our audience come from neighbourhoods with low and medium levels of arts engagement; we work with artists who want to get their work seen more widely and are interested in working with those who want to make special things happen in unusual places.

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Creature Feature

Creature FeatureCreature Feature

Creature Feature Productions have been performing street theatre since 1994 and have created
over 10 different acts and shows as well as collaborating with other performance groups on
individual projects.
We perform all over the world at street arts festivals, community and corporate events.

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Curious Cargo

Curious CargoCurious Cargo

Curious Cargo creates unique & interactive street theatre & visual theatre pieces for unconventional settings.

We have a selection of highly visual, comic, intriguing, interactive strolling acts incorporating physical theatre, puppetry and high quality costumes & props. Curious Cargo also undertakes
site-specific/event-specific commissioned shows.

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Curious Creations Events

Curious Creations EventsCurious Creation Events

Curious Creations has evolved through a passion to develop new creative work
which blends technology, theatre and creativity to offer the public new theatrical experiences.

Our ethos is to inspire and provide spectacle but also to breathe new life into stories
old and new, educate and activate curiosity.
Be ready to be surprised and enchanted by our quirky and whimsical shows.

We specialise in developing a range of quality performances,
created to animate your festivals and events.

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Derek Carpenter

Bespoke HumourDerek Carpenter aka

Bo The Clown aka Bespoke Humour

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Desperate Men

Desperate MenDesperate Men

Desperate Men have a 32 year track
record of creating original, challenging,
and accessible street theatre. They
also work as creative producers,
integrating ideas and concepts with
practical development for outdoor arts
projects across the UK. They are
currently co-producers of ‘Battle for the
Winds’ as part of the London 2012

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Dingle Fingle

Dingle FingleDingle Fingle

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An anarchic playful style is at the heart of what the EggPeople do. We like to explore space, boundaries, environment, and people’s perspectives, and aspire to create work that is inclusive, accessible and socially relevant. EggPeople make high quality, entertaining, visually striking work. Drawing upon their skills in clown, improvisation, and ensemble work.
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Electric Cabaret

Electric CabaretElectric Cabaret

Electric Cabaret provides fabulous theatre, refreshing and unusual entertainment, surreal happenings, issue awareness, theatrical solutions for businesses, training and education for all...

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Enter Edem

Enter EdemEnter Edem

Enter Edem is formed by a dedicated team of freelance artists with a love for interactive street and outdoor arts.

We are all passionate about providing inclusive family friendly theatrical experiences.
Our acts, shows and events have a vibrant aesthetic and use humourous and multi-disciplinary
styles that are both visually stunning and highly accessible.
Past clients/events include: Leicester City Council (Heritage Story of Parks events and City Festival),
Cbeebies (immersive experience), London Zoo (walkabout and amphitheatre shows),
An Indian Summer (Diwali and Rickshaw races), Ride Leicester (Skyride and Riverside Festival),
Kingsbury Water Parks (Halloween events.)

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EveryBody Dance

EveryBody DanceEveryBody Dance

EveryBODY dance based in rural Herefordshire
teaches, makes, hosts and tours aerial dance with
disabled and non-disabled people of all ages. It
uses all available structures as well as its own
spectacular 6m high dome rig - which is also
available for hire.

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The Fabularium is an outdoor theatre company that specialise in original music, puppetry, comedic physical theatre and mask work (specifically animal
head pieces); we use these disciplines to adapt classic animal based folk tales and portray them in our unique medieval-esque way on the back of a wooden cart.

Our work brings the traditional touring wagon back to life with a
loud silly bang and has elements for all the family to enjoy.

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Fair Play

Fair PlayFair Play

Fair Play produce and perform a range of original family friendly shows
and walkabout characters for street performance and cabaret.
Our work covers verbal dexterity, physical comedy, puppetry, clowning and song and dance.
Our creations have been seen across Europe, the Middle East, North America and Australia.
We have performed in French and German, and have created non verbal clown and puppetry
shows for street performance. The company was formed in 1996 by Andy Kenny and Jamie Waite.
We continue to be the artistic drive behind the company andperform as much work as possible.
We have the pleasure of working with a small group of performers on our installation
piece or to take our work out when we are unavailable.

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Fairly Famous Family

Fairly Famous FamilyFairly Famous Family


Original unusual comedy street
shows touring worldwide. We aim
to be inspiring and accessible and to outdoor audiences everywhere.

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Fastest One Man Band

fastest-one-man-bandFastest One Man Band

The one man band has a special place in everyone’s imagination.
Once seen never forgotten….
And the image of Pete Moser in one of his three contrasting outfits will remain with you… wherever you go.

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Fearless People

Fearless PeopleFearless People

I create light installation working with communities to produce work
that reflects and records the community's past present and future.

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Festive Road CIC



Festive Road is an Outdoor Arts company based in Milton Keynes, producing large-scale puppetry, commissioned art pieces and sculptures.
We aim to bring communities to life, making ‘art’ relevant, inspirational, participatory and accessible to all.
We use predominantly recycled and 'found' materials, and have developed innovative techniques to make
unique mechanically-powered giant puppets and structures.
Our fusion of art and engineering provides the opportunity for imagination
and technology to come together in a creative and inspiring way.

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Fine Artistes

Fine ArtistsFine Artistes


Brian was a founder member of the Natural Theatre Company of Bath and Rose is a working artist and performer living in Bristol. The idea behind the company is to utilise the Art School backgrounds of the performers and produce interactive accessible performance pieces that will delight and entertain and involve audiences.

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Fools Paradise

fools-paradiseFools Paradise

Fools Paradise is the UK’s premier agency for street performance. We have 20 years experience of working with the very best street acts and are committed to promoting and supporting this art form. For some acts we act as management and look after every aspect of their work from world wide bookings to accounts and grant applications and with all our acts we offer support and advice as well as helping them to arrange their bookings.

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Frenetic Engineering

Frenetic EngineeringFrenetic Engineering

Joyful, interactive and ridiculous street theatre.  From street and fire shows to walkabout, cabaret and larger circus/aerial spectacle.

Shows include - Calamity Jane and Femmes Fatal comedy knife throwing shows featuring danger, lasso, singing, laughs and the only female knife thrower in the UK.

Talent Show, Dancing Eggs, Crazy Chefs, Butlers, Sugar Plump Ballerinas.  We love dancing in the street, danger and setting fire to things.

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Frolicked is an outdoor puppet orientated theatre company based in Yorkshire. We perform: intimate, static puppet shows, interactive walkabouts with engaging puppet characters, and make puppet filled site specific experiences. Frolicked create intimate, interactive, engaging and magical puppet characters and shows with self designed and made, beautifully illustrated, memorable creatures and characters.

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Fuse Somerset Outdoor Arts

Fuse Somerset Outdoor Arts


Fuse are a leading Street Arts company. From circus,
installation performance, The I Scream Van mobile
cinema, Urban Arts, Misguided Tours, Site Specific, Stilt
Animations, Pyrotechnic Spectacle to training, directing,
workshops, projects and organising festivals. The
company produce extraordinary events.

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Gobbledegook Theatre

Gobbledegook Theatre Gobbledegook Theatre

Gobbledegook make innovative, cross art form work, which has theatre at its core.
We specialise in making work for children and families,
creating happenings through live performance, music and installation.
As theatre artists our guiding principal is to create or facilitate work which
'renders the familiar strange' for audiences – be it on a seafront promenade,
in public gardens, libraries, classrooms or playgrounds.
We believe very strongly in play for people of all ages and that the link
between theatre, playing and making stories is very close indeed.
We are one of the 2015 Without Walls Commissions with Ear Trumpet.

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Grand Theatre of Lemmings

Grand Theatre of LemmingsThe Grand Theatre of Lemmings


"The Lemmings are a company with a 29 year pedigree and an international track record, specialising in comedy theatre.  They produce shows and characters that are whimsical, funny and highly interactive."

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Handmade Theatre

Handmade TheatreHandmade Theatre

HandMade Theatre are a dynamic creative company developing striking theatre that is original and highly interactive. We build engaging environments and experiences, taking our audience on imaginative adventures through an exciting combination of storytelling, music and puppetry. We aim to devise theatre that is inclusive and broad-ranging; our shows have a high level of sensory content and, as a result, are well-suited to people with SEN. We believe the best ideas come from collaboration and participation, and work with a variety of talented artists from multi-disciplinary backgrounds to ensure that each performance is unique and of the highest quality. Investment in local performers and communities, alongside schools and educational institutions, allows us to create substantial and wide-reaching touring programmes for our shows. We also believe in sustainability; we work hard to ensure that our hand-crafted sets and props are made from material that is environmentally friendly and ethically sourced. HandMade Theatre was established by performer Suzy Gunn and designer Amy Nicholson in 2012. They have worked together for over 10 years creating interactive theatre and are also known as the SHRUG ladies.

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Hogarth Productions

Hogarth ProductionsHogarth Productions


Hogarth Productions presents multi-disciplinary contemporary art
events in non-traditional spaces, with a focus on attracting and engaging new audiences.

Having both trained as actors, we have been involved in theatre as performers, writers and directors for 20 years. While we’ve shared a long-held passion for contemporary art, we have not studied art history or been to university or art school. As such, our attitude towards creating and curating art works is highly distinctive as we focus on the audience and how artists can communicate with them most effectively – to inspire, move, provoke and entertain.

This often takes our work out of galleries and academic spaces and into the high street, the pub, the workplace, the home. Our conversations about art avoid words that most people don’t understand and gets people thinking about what art means to them in their everyday lives.

Our work ranges from commissions tailor made to specific locations or environments as well as touring projects. We are Artistic Directors of The Whitley Arts Festival – an annual contemporary arts festival in Reading which has been a commissioning festival since 2009.
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Hotch Potch

HotchPotchHotch Potch

Hotch Potch are a performance company specialized in
outdoor arts. With a colourful blend of arts practices we
provoke audiences to engage with issues surrounding
culture and how we operate in society. In collaboration with a small network of artists from a wide range of specialties we create high quality interactive and promenade performance.

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Ian Broscomb

Ian BroscombIan Broscomb

awaiting profile information

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Impossible Arts

Impossible Arts

Impossible Arts

Impossible often works between participatory and digital arts,
mixing the technological with the lyrical to create events that range from
large scale visual poetry to intriguing participatory activities.

We usually work outside traditional arts establishments - from community halls to
factory floors, from clifftops to cellars,
in shopping centres and in parks, on railway platforms and on pavements.

marker icon
Jon Hicks

Jon HicksJon Hicks

International Man of Artistry, Adult Prodigy, Speed Painter & Professional show.
Jon creates diverse, engagingly funny shows of artistic oddities.
He started performing in 2000 and has appeared around the world.
He is renowned for his speed paintings of the iconically famous
and is universally known as "the upside down Elvis guy"
He currently tours outdoors with his solo show The International Man of Artistry.
and the collaborative chain reaction shed show WORKS with HaywoodHix.

"The best reveal in the business" Angus MacKechnnie
"Funereal Rocker" Evening Standard

marker icon
Kate McStraw

Kate McStrawKate McStraw

I am an Independent Creative Producer and known for my dynamic approach to creating projects.

Passionate about what I do, I am committed to those I work with, and motivated by operating within a creative and collaborative environment. I work across artform and context as I am most interested in the possibilities of project itself rather than be limited by ‘boxes’ and ‘labels’ given to artworks.

I particularly enjoy taking performance experiences to unusual, 'non-arts' and public spaces as I believe in reducing barriers to accessing art and culture, something I know non-traditional performance spaces can enable. I have worked as Associate Producer on Inside Out Dorset festival; run Butterfly Theatre Company who are known for creating theatre in caves; and produce for independent artists/companies including Lorna Rees (Gobbledegook Theatre), Made by Katie Green and Anna Berry,

I champion inclusivity, embedding my expertise and continuous learning on Access in all my projects, which feels especially important within outdoor arts. I have been Access Lead on the 2016 and 2018 Inside Out Dorset festivals, with work in 2018 deemed as exemplary by access consultants Attitude is Everything.

Another of my guiding principles is generosity. I have co-founded the Dorset Early Career Producer Network for peer support and offer mentoring to early career artists on a ‘pay it forward’ basis.

marker icon
Keep Streets Live

Keep Streets LiveKeep Streets Live Campaign


The Keep Streets Live campaign exists to protect public spaces for informal offerings of music and the arts. We also concern ourselves with other threats to public space which marginalise vulnerable groups, and jeopardise freedom of expression and assembly. We believe that dialogue, common sense and Common Law are more desirable and effective tools than arbitrary blanket regulation.

marker icon
Kerfuffle Street Theatre
Kerfuffle Street Theatre

Kerfuffle Street Theatre


Kerfuffle Street Theatre are Natalie Speake and Gil Burns - two ridiculously silly performers from West Yorkshire. Their Inaugural act "Tooti Fruity" brings together their loves for dancing, singing. silliness and fresh fruit, with a huge dollop of bright colourful family friendly fun on top!
After spending at least 40 years working in a fruit packing factory together Tooti and Fruity have embarked upon an adventure to bring toots and fruits to the masses! Having been the supervisor of fruit squeezing at the factory, Tooti now utilises her skills in generating a fruit chorus, whilst Fruity – taste tester extraordinaire – entices the hoards to taste the goodness of her fruit platter.
A tantalising taste of Tooti Fruity may well include: A new take on Little Richard’s "Tutti Frutti", The original Berry Song, An insightful quiz – is it t’ berry or not t’ berry? The Maraca Caraca and The Banana Bonanza!

marker icon
Kim Tilbrook

Kim TilbrookKim Tilbrook

No website

Freelance producer, project manager and erstwhile performer...

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Larkin' About

Larkin' AboutLarkin' About



marker icon


LAS is a word in the Irish language. It means to ignite, turn on or set alight.

LAStheatre creates layered, urgent, heart-driven stories that engage people of all ages. These tales tackle important and complex ideas in surprising, joyous and participatory ways.

Since 2012 over a quarter of a million people have seen our shows. These productions have transported audiences to the court of the Holly King during the winter solstice, filled the streets of Bath with characters from Dickens' various Christmas stories, and enlisted the help of an entire town to launch the moon back into space.

Our work has been described as ‘spellbinding’ (Manchester Evening News), ‘powerful’ (The Scotsman), ‘atmospheric’ (The Herald), ‘fascinating’ (BBC) and ‘thrillingly immediate’ (Financial Times).

‘Family entertainment at its most imaginative best.' - Colette Warbrook, Stoke Sentinel

‘An absolute joy to work with…fabulous design combined with clever use of puppetry and physical action to produce compelling storytelling and an immediate rapport with audiences young and old.’ – Cheryl Pierce, The Creative Foundation

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Lempen Puppet Theatre Company
Lempen-Puppet-Theatre-CompanyLempen Puppet Theatre Company

Lempen Puppet Theatre is a national and international touring company specialising in puppetry led performances for more than 30 years. Since 2005 they have branched out into the outside space with the following performance styles:

“SHOWS FROM A PENNY FARTHING” - A selection of 20 minute performances told from a box, mounted at the front of a penny farthing bicycle. The shows can be performed multiple times per day.

“THEATRE FOR ONE” - A selection of 3 minute performances played to only one person at a time, (plus curious onlookers), played for up to 3 hours per day.
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Little Big Band

Little-Big-BandLittle Big Band

Rob Gray's Little Big Band, bringing the Devils Music to a street near you!

I am a one man blues band who works exclusively outdoors,
my act is an attempt to reproduce the music of the wandering
blues musicians of the 1920 & 30's.

marker icon
Los Kaos

Los KaosLos Kaos

Purveyors of magical, interactive performances for public spaces.

If you're looking for something different, you've just found it.

marker icon
Madame Zucchini

madame zucchini

Madame Zucchini

Madame Zucchini loves vegetables and wants to share that joy with you. Meet her vegetable actors Leek Skywalker and Darth Tater as they star in productions of Star Wars, be afraid of the aubergine Shark in Jaws! not to mention Lois Leek and Peter Parsnip in their efforts to destroy Artificial Cheese Beast. She may also transform into her courgette costume and walk amongst you. And, you can make your own vegetable creature to take home. For all your vegetable entertainment needs.

marker icon
Martin West

Martin West

no website, contact via 101 Outdoor Arts

I'm predominantly a freelance maker although the bulk of my work (10 months) is at 101 and
also have some experience with pyrotechnics.
The other 2 months I spend either making elsewhere or more usually touring,
usually with shows that I've been working on in the workshop, but not exclusively.
I've also been involved in several large scale puppets.

marker icon
Micky Bimble

Micky BimbleMicky Bimble

high quality character walkabout and street

marker icon


Mimbre is a local and
international circus and street
theatre company, producing
innovative and extraordinary
acrobatic performance work
and promoting a positive,
strong image of women.

marker icon
Mischief La Bas

Mischief La BasMischief La Bas


Established in 1992, we are a performance company that interacts directly with the audience – from Glasgow to Venezuela - usually in public places and more often than not with humour and irreverence. Whether it’s a one to one presentation, or a major international project, we always remain true to our motto and attempt to ‘gently warp the underlay of the fabric of society’.

marker icon
Molly Orange

Molly OrangeMolly Orange

Playful acrobatic performances fusing circus and comedy for both family audiences and adult cabaret.

marker icon
Mr Alexander's Travelling Show
Mr-Alexanders-Travelling-ShowMr Alexander's Travelling Show

Mr Alexander has presented his classic family Variety Show for over forty years at the very best events throughout the UK. Magic, juggling, unicycling, balance and illusion all combine in a spectacular and enthralling entertainment for all ages. Set on his unique colourful vintage theatre stage, the show is reminiscent of travelling shows of the 1920s and 30s. Set to vintage jazz, his shows have echoes of Vaudeville and Music Hall, but are also surprisingly sophisticated for a twenty-first century audience.
marker icon
Mr Jules

Mr JulesMr Jules

Street and Stage Performer, Actor, Compere, Circus Workshop Tutor. Tried and tested street shows.

marker icon
Mufti Games

Mufti GamesMufti Games


Mufti Games is Katie Cooper, Simon Day and Malcolm Hamilton.
We create hands-on theatrical games for children and adults,
with a spirit of healthy competition and collective play.


Our work is inspired by childhood games and activities,
connecting people of all ages through participation,
healthy competition and most of all, fun.
We have created work for a range of festivals, street events, galleries and
theatres including The Barbican, Festival Number 6,
Bristol Festival of Puppetry, Northern Touring Network,
Bristol 2015 Green Capital and Bristol Old Vic.
Our games include L_ve Hangman, a macabre, interactive gameshow,
based on the classic pen and paper game and
Massive Battleships- a super-sized team version of the classic naval guessing game.

marker icon
Murmuration Arts

Murmuration Arts

Murmuration Arts

Murmuration Arts is a participatory arts organisation with over 14 years
experience delivering community engagement projects.

We focus on projects which adopt a co-creation approach – we create collaboratively with communities.

We connect with and build community through street theatre, site-responsive performance, participatory dance, music, reminiscence sessions, inter-generational workshops, cooking together, sharing stories, oral history projects and craft activities… and we love playing games!

marker icon
NASA UK Registered Office
NASA UK Registered address

NASA UK c/o 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space, Communication Way, Greenham Business Park, Newbury, Berkshire, RG19 6HN.
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Neighbourhood Watch Stilts International

neighbourhood watch stiltsNeighbourhood Watch Stilts International

marker icon
Noisy Oyster
Noisy Oyster

Noisy Oyster

Noisy Oyster have been delighting family audiences the length and breadth of UK, with their combination of puppets, mime, clowning, and original music.
Over the last seven years, Noisy Oyster have also been gaining international acclaim, performing at a number of puppet festivals in Central Europe, Eastern Europe, South America, Asia, and India. Excitingly this has brought a collection of awards, including Best Street Show, Best Interaction with the Audience, and Best Children’s show.
marker icon
Noisy Toys

Noisy ToysNoisy Toys


Noisy Toys is experimenting with sound. Bleep-Buzz-Fart-Fuzz-Boing-Bang-Tinkle-Donk-Skuzzle-Bonk-Woka-Waka-BOOOOOM! We make amazing instruments and we let you play on them. Spin this, scratch that, pluck things, pull levers, flick switches, press buttons. Electromagnetism & Electroacoustic improvisation. Connect wires, make things, break things, re-use them, hack them, scrap them if they're not noisy enough. Welcome to Audio Anarchy: raw analogue circuitry & acoustic exploration - none of that digital nonsense.
Electromechacousitcal music: the next big thing, honest.

marker icon
Orit Azaz

Orit AzazOrit Azaz

(no web page)

Creative director of large scale
multi-disciplinary outdoor
performances, events and
happennings. Facilitator of
collaborative, research and
participatory projects.

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Other Half Productions

Other Half Other Half productions

Two for Tea a visual comedy street show from Other Half.
Great for all ages and all nationalities, incorporating acrobatics, magic and fire!
You know what it’s like. You fall in love, you get married and for the first few years
it’s wonderful and then the magic goes out of the relationship.
But what happens when you are married to a magician and you can never escape the magic?
If Robert Houdin was still alive, he’d be turning in his grave.
Two for Tea has been performed on 4 continents, at festivals, weddings
(and even at a funeral) and was on tour for the British Council in China.

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Peter Finegan

Peter FineganPeter Finegan

no website

I am a performer and pyrotechnician and have worked in UK street theatre for nearly 30 years. I was once one half of the Mahoney Bothers but then found a life in pyrotechnics with Walk the Plank adding more fire and spark to performances.
Along the way I have had and have still the privilege of being a Whalley Range All Star, performing in many different shows.
I also work closely with Avanti Display, helping with the plumbing, providing pyro effects and performing with buckets.
I have turned my hand to and been a part of many outdoor shows, firework spectaculars and intimate street acts over the past 3 decades. I look forward to many more and the soon the addition of a new piece of my own work.

marker icon
Physical Fool / Untethered
Physical-Fool-UntetheredPhysical Fool / Untethered

Clown, physical theatre, dance, circus. Performing, directing, producing, teaching.

I have not gone down a traditional training path but have been developing my practice for more than 15years (I’m older than I look… I think). My core training consisted of 10 years with a youth dance-theatre company in France (rolling around in beige unitards - tick; as well being asked to create a solo inspired by a rock...). I have since pursued a career that combines movement, clown, dance, acting, and producing. I am a versatile performer, and maker with a love of devising and a growing devotion to anything outdoors. I come with a degree in Anthropology & Sociology, fluent French, and audio-description training. As well as varying amounts of rage, despair, and optimism about the human condition, depending on the day.
marker icon
Pif-Paf Theatre

Pif-PafPif-Paf Theatre

Pif-Paf cook up performance, engineering, puppetry and sound to create our unique highly visual blend of top quality outdoor theatre. A perennial favourite at festivals and special events we are always exploring new ways to redefine the relationship between us and the innocent passer by.

marker icon
Professor EEK

Professor EEKProfessor EEK

Tall, hairy, daft.

marker icon
Professor Queen Bee
Professor Queen Bee

Professor Queen Bee

Drawing on her academic background in Environmental Sciences, Professor Queen Bee uses the outdoor arts to creatively engage communities with complex issues and topics relating to nature and conservation in fun and accessible ways. To this end, she performs a 'green' Punch and Judy Show (plus a walkabout act as Mr Punch); a science based Flea Circus and a Walkabout act as 'Dr (Teresa) Green' who prescribes doses of 'Nature' to those who appear to be suffering from NDD (Nature Deficit Disorder); all free on the NHS (Natural Health Service)

marker icon
Professor Squeezyjig

Professor SqueezyjigProfessor Sqeezyjig

Professor Squeezyjig provides colourful musical mix n mingle walkabout entertainment. With a song or tune performed on a wide variety of unusual instruments, including squeezeboxes, Professor Squeezyjig musical perambulations sre ideal for festivals, arts events, fetes, fairs, heritage events or any outdoor situation. Professor Squeezyjig can also provide entertaining family shows with many musical surprises.

marker icon
Promenade Promotions Ltd

Promenade PromotionsPromenade Promotions Ltd

Promenade Promotions Limited produces fabulous and ridiculous traditional family entertainments – marvel at the incredible Flea Circus, gasp as you enter Uncle Tacko’s world of The Imaginarium where anything can happen, then whack his dom-tink (try-your strength machine) and play with his Tinglary (barrel piano). Renowned for The Pierrotters & Poppets Puppets, Promenade Promotions have been producing the finest family timeless entertainments for over a decade…

marker icon
Puppets with Guts

Puppets with Guts


Puppets with Guts is a high-quality, big puppet, object and physical theatre company based in West London. Puppets with Guts was founded by Artistic Director Ivan Thorley and Designer Caroline Bowman in 2013, because they want audiences to experience the full force of big interactive spectacular puppetry. The company mission is to present big, inspiring puppets that engage with important narratives and contemporary issues, in outdoor sites with diverse audiences.


Puppets with Guts have toured work around London and the UK, including Latitude Festival, Hillingdon Carnival, Lyric Hammersmith, Watford Palace Theatre, SIRF, Hidden Heathbrook – Wandsworth, Streets of Battle, GDIF, Birmingham Hippodrome and The Great British Carnival – Ramsgate, Bransholme – Hull, Royal Albert Hall – London.


With over fifteen years experience working internationally with some of the world’s most exciting creative people. We also consult and collaborate on specially commissioned work, including projects in theatre, events and recorded media. We can chat about an idea that you have in mind to create something brand new and extraordinary.


Our shows are ideal for a range of settings and contexts – especially those that allow our puppets and objects to be as epic as possible – whether that be at an outdoor festival, green fields, community engagement, physical theatre and design workshops, local authority city events and non-traditional performance sites. The company is also committed to developing methods of education and engagement that combine big puppets, physical theatre, design and music.

marker icon
Rag and Bone

Rag and BoneRag and Bone

Rag and Bone are a company of artists, makers, musicians, performers, storytellers, dreamers, inventors and researchers. We make great beasts, giants and puppets, mechanical devices, whimsical contraptions, fiery delights and joyful noises. We create elemental performances, shows, installations, parades and processions; worlds to wander and dream in…

marker icon


Ramshacklicious Theatre Company specialise in using traditional street theatre forms to create contemporary theatrical experiences for the outdoors.
Blending together live music, physical theatre, contemporary clowning, story telling, puppetry, circus and innovative design to create shows that take unsuspecting audiences on anarchic journeys into the unexpected.

marker icon
Red Herring Productions

Red HerringRed Herring Productions


marker icon
Ric Taylor/ Granny Turismo

granny turismoRic Taylor/ Granny Turismo

Over the past two years Granny Turismo has been delighting audiences wherever they go and is one of the most talked-about acts around. The show has universal appeal and is part walkabout, part circle show and wholly engaging. When Doris, Mary and Marge arrive on their souped-up shopping trolleys, everyone takes notice.

marker icon
Rost Productions Ltd

Rost Productions LtdRost Productions Ltd


Rost Productions is a collaboration of close-knit associate artists; performers, makers, musicians, techies and others -under the artistic direction of Jessica Rost. Masters of Impro, we make perambulations, sculptures, installations, giant puppets and edgy street theatre. Together we use our environment, our audiences, our bodies, minds, hands, and our imaginations to live, create and express ordinary moments in extraordinary ways.

marker icon
Rough Magic Theatre

Rough Magic TheatreRough Magic Theatre

A Puppet Theatre Company specialising in family shows

with music (including street theatre). Based in North Yorkshire

"Really inventive and gorgeous!" - Meg Amsden, Chair of Brunima.

Since we started in the year 2000 we have had a vast range of different street performance experience.

From walkabouts, carnivals and parades to static shows and puppet making workshops.

Our explosive and energetic performances, great music and beautifully made puppets,

guarantee a fun and memorable time, whenever and wherever you see us!

We have a variety of different walkabout and static shows available.

Please take a look at our website to find out more

For Latest News

marker icon
Safetycatch Productions

SafetycatchSafetycatch Production

Unlocking the heart of play for events, functions
& festivals!!!
Do you need experienced, professional
entertainment delivered with warmth, joyful
interaction and humour?
We tailor a range of engaging and high quality
Street Theatre Performance for diverse events
such as Festivals, Cabarets, Weddings,
Corporate Functions & all sorts of fun


marker icon
Same Difference

Same DifferenceSame Difference

Same Difference Arts create work which engages audiences of all ages by combining unique street theatre and interactive performance.

Our work often combines Theatre and Science and our acts A Few Feet Up and Sense-O-Matic continue to tour science festivals nationwide.

Our Ethos is 'its ok to play' in a world filled with digital media, we look at human connection, engagement and the relationship between people and the places we meet them.

Our entertainment options include providing actors to bring specific events to life, circus acts and stilt walkers, who all follow the same company values of interaction, engagement and connection.

Same Difference Arts create interactive walkabouts and shows for family audiences. We have been touring outdoor theatre for 6 years, having featured at festivals including Arts by the Sea, Larmer Tree, Deer Shed, GDIF, Greenbelt, Grassington, DNweekenD, and many more.

marker icon
Scarabeus Aerial Theatre

MoreLondon1 webScarabeus Aerial Theatre

Scarabeus is a dynamic, well-established aerial theatre company, which has pioneered the creation of outdoor site responsive performance. We have an international reputation for creating beautiful, poetic and spectacular shows.  A Scarabeus performance is an exhilarating experience because of its challenging, intensely visceral response to space and place.

marker icon
Serious Mischief

Serious MischiefSerious Mischief


Serious Mischief Theatre Company was founded in 2014 by award winning physical theatre practitioner Jake England-Johns. We make vibrant and contemporary circus theatre for adults, families and children of all ages. Our work is fun, full of integrity and has a twinkle in its eye!


A vehicle for collaboration, Serious Mischief works with a core team as well as other artists from the UK and abroad. We are dedicated to making work that helps us achieve our vision of being “a playful catalyst for reflection in a difficult world”.


Our shows strike a balance between being gently provocative and remaining staunchly committed to accessibility as we are more interested in promoting playfulness and unity to the many than to the few.

marker icon
Sloth Time

Sloth TimeSloth Time

Encountering a giant sloth is a surreal and magical experience that you will want to record, share and remember forever... They are like real sloths, only naughtier and big enough to engulf your entire family in a slow hug.

Since 2019 Sloth Time has been performed all over the world from
Beijing to Bradford at shopping centres, music festivals,
National Celebrations, fetes and even private parties.

marker icon
Special & Affected

Andy Train Special & AffectedSpecial & Affected

Andy Train - "warm, funny, camp and entertaining guy" - said Kate Copstick (Scotsman)

after watching him doing stand-up in Edinburgh.

Developed The Gold Man & Falcon Man living statues,

regular performer with Apus Productions,

a Hull (UK City of Culture 2017) based street theatre company.

marker icon
Stewart Lodge aka Billy Button

Billy ButtonStewart Lodge aka Billy Button

Musical comedy street art performer.

marker icon


SWANK create a gentle and hilarious cartoonesque world and invite the public in to play

Founded by actress and comedian Cathy Peace in 1997, SWANK specialises in imaginative and interactive character comedy street entertainment, often with a nod to Cathy’s roots in the north of England and her love/obsession with 1950s kitsch

SWANK have toured all over Britain and the world, from the smallest village fete to the largest performing arts festival. Their solid working practices and strong fan base amongst bookers and audiences alike, have gained widespread recognition and built an impressive international CV of theatre/comedy festivals, commissions and British Council work

marker icon
The Fire Man Dave aka The Great Mandavi

Fire Man DaveThe Fire Man Dave aka The Great Mandavi

Versatile performer, juggler, stiltwalker, known to
juggle fire underwater with a man eating shark.
Combines strong characters and high level skills to
create memorable and uplifting interactions.

marker icon
The Strange Train Company
The Strange Train Company

The Strange Train Company

The Strange Train Company's mission is to fool and delight, with stunning visuals, and playful engagement.

marker icon
The Wheelabouts
The-WheelaboutsThe Wheelabouts

THE WHEELABOUTS create bespoke, Street Theatre performance pieces built around wheelchairs. Nothing new there you might say, but when the main performer is a wheelchair user, and has taken this ‘Disability’ and turned it into an ability to still produce exciting and inclusive work, then this is where the traditional street theatre ‘Walkabout’ becomes – ‘The Wheelabout’. Their latest show takes us on the Roman road with Boudicca. With puppetry, props and performance, Boudicca is an exciting gallop, with audience participation and plenty of comic improvisation. Watch out Romans…!
marker icon
Thingumajig Theatre
Thingumajig_TheatreThingumajig Theatre

Thingumajig Theatre has been creating and performing puppet shows and street puppet acts since 2006 throughout the UK and internationally. We have 7 available street giant puppet acts which include giant dodo birds, a mechanical hippo and a giant chicken and a static show, Kit and Caboodle, which is a puppet show about migration build on a pack mule puppet. Our latest act, Ghost Caribou, is an illuminated night-time act which features 4-metre tall spirit Caribou and a shadow puppet show about loss of wild animal habitats. We also teach workshops and build commissioned puppets.
marker icon
Thomas Trilby
Thomas TrilbyThomas Trilby

I have been performing and running workshops for over 20 years. I offer Stilt walking Meet & Greet and Mix & Mingle entertainment, Circus Shows that can be tailored for all ages, Circus Workshops for outdoor and indoor events, family days, fairs, fetes etc.and Team building & Training for companies and businesses plus
Fire and Glow juggling and Unique and Unusual props including a stilt bicycle, penny farthings, a vintage bicycle based circus show, trick bicycles and a traditional plate spinning show.

“The epitome of what walkabout at Glastonbury should be”
Glastonbury Theatre & Circus Walkabout Organisers
marker icon
Tim Davies Design

Tim Davies Design


Tim Davies is a sculptor and innovative engineer with a passion for large-scale kinetic puppets.
Tim has designed and built an eclectic array of large-scale walkabout puppets for outdoor events: multi-award winning shows in the Spanish carnival scene, illuminated metal aliens and beautiful pearly queens.
We are touring the innovative Arachnobot – a giant, inflatable spider puppet with 8 articulated legs. Operated by one puppeteer, Arachnobot adds character to the normally static inflatable medium.
A new walkabout – Ocho the Octopus – will be ready in September. Fitted with lights, it will look equally impressive at night.

marker icon
Travelling Light Circus

Travelling Light Circus

Travelling Light Circus bring illuminated performers to events large and small, wowing crowds with dance, walkabout, fire and LED acts. We can bring one performer or a dozen, including stiltwalkers, hula-hoopers, jugglers, poi spinners and magicians. Happy to tailor acts and costumes to your theme!

marker icon
Upper Level

Upper LevelUpper Level


Upper Level is a physical stilt theatre company concentrating on
site-specific outdoor performances and walkabout characters.

marker icon
Urban Angels Ariel

Urban-AngelsUrban Angels Ariel

Urban Angels are renowned for touring extraordinary aerial theatre shows to festivals.
Garden of Delights is a colourful uplifting show that celebrates nature on our small circular aerial rig.
HumanSect, performed on our 10 metre arched rig, explores the similarities between insect and human behavior and has an environmental theme.

We are also currently touring a lively family fun participatory game; Miss Lily's Victorian Circus Game
to bandstands within parks is designed to be socially distanced.

marker icon
Vince Virr
Vince VirrVince Virr
Freelance Dancer and Choreographer

Vince has performed in over 50 dance productions in 20 countries across six continents. He loves the atmosphere of outside performance and is a trained harness aerialist having danced with All or Nothing Aerial (Scotland), Wired Aerial (England) and Aeriosa (Canada). He is creating and touring his own work as well as performing for a number of companies.
marker icon
Walk The Plank
Walk The PlankWalk The Plank

Walk the Plank are outdoor arts experts, who create powerful events with mass appeal.
From international stage to village square, our team of experts develop remarkable moments that enrich the lives of our audience through shared experience - encouraging a sense of place, a feeling of pride, and well-being.
Based in Salford, in the North West of England, Walk the Plank is a registered charity and a National Portfolio Organisation of Arts Council England.
marker icon
Whalley Range All Stars

Whalley Range All StarsWhalley Range All Stars

Whalley Range all Stars create highly
visual, lo-tech theatre shows and
installations which have won critical,
artistic and popular acclaim.

marker icon
What A Palaver!

what a palaverWhat A Palaver!

Comedy Caberet Speciality Spectacular. Two
guys determined to amaze you with Bed of Nails,
Juggling, Fire, Danger, Excitement, Stupidity &
audience participation galore. Static shows or
walkabout. Fun is too short a word for it.

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