Lording it up for the rights of us down at street level…

Lording it up for the rights of us down at street level…

On Monday the 6th of January George Monbiot reported in the Gaurdian about draconian new powers in which
‘Street life will be reduced to a trance-world of consumerism in which nothing unpredictable or disconcerting happens.’

Thankfully the House of Lords put a stop to the bill on the 9th of January… as can be seen here in this article… including the full 4hour debate! (for anyone with a bath full of popcorn…)

Back in November in Camden, the council passed the UK’s most restrictive busking licence check to date, with votes coming in at 26 for, 17 against, and 1 abstaining.  This Labour council is known to be made up of a particular bunch of small ‘c’ conservatives.

Licensing passed 11th November, to be implemented in February 2014.  More reads in this article…

Camden Town buskers have reciprocated by launching legal action over the licences…

NASA represents the sector including in its providing ongoing advocacy and campaigning.  We are keeping our ear to the ground regarding these ongoing legislative changes and will endeavour to report back to membership as and when more information becomes available.

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