NASA UK AGM 2016 Minutes

AGM of the National Association for Street Artists UK

5th March 2016, Slaithwaite Church Hall, Slaithwaite, Yorkshire. HD7



Members: Bev Adams, Gareth   , Kim Tilbrook (minutes), Mandy Dike, Beka Haigh, Chris Squire (Chairing), Sue Auty, Jo Galbraith, Christopher Murray, Mickey Bimble, Dave Ford, Helen Crocker, Garth Williams, Mike Lister, Jo (Foolsize) , Natalie Hunt

Non members: Imwen Eke, Luckasz, Charles Huckvale

Apologies: Paschale Straiton, Lucy Frost, Jules Howarth, Roger Hartley



  1. Minutes and matters arising

Minutes from AGM, 22nd March 2015 in 101 Creation Centre at FLOI-15 were read and approved


  1. Reporting on 2015
  • Management Committee annual report was read aloud by those present and well received. New ACE GFA funding for FLOI 2016-2018 was announced
  • Membership report was read aloud by those present and approved. Thanks to Jules for continued work
  • Treasurers report, P&L account and Balance sheet were read aloud by those present and accepted. Again thanks to Jules for compiling and continued work.

ACTION: Accountant to check over the NASA UK accounting system


  1. Appointments and resignations from the Management Committee


Tony Liddington and Sian Thomas – Thanks you for your hard work and service

Resignations accepted by those present


Current members were accepted as continuing their service.

New appointments: Sue Auty and Kim Tilbrook

The following appointments were proposed and voted in by unanimous vote.

Chair: Paschale Straiton; Treasurer: Jules Howarth; Secretary: Kim Tilbrook


  1. Discussion on proposed alterations to the Constitution and acceptance of the organisation as a Community Interest Company, limited by guarantee. 

The reasons to change the Constitution and to become a CIC were once more outlined. Proposed changes to the constitution were briefly outlined.

The Current constitution states 75% membership vote is needed to make any changes to the constitution, which is unfeasible and unobtainable and traps NASA UK in a catch 22 situation, unable to move forward.

Proposal to NASA UK AGM members present that this number is reduced to 33% to enable realistic engagement in voting, via digital means, on the proposed changes to the constitution and to the CIC.

That this one part of the constitution could be changed at the AGM by those members present: unanimous agreement 16 votes by members present.

Much discussion ensued on the ways of best achieving good consultation and agreement by the membership.

It was unanimously agreed that a minimum of 33% of the membership must take part in digital voting for any constitutional changes.

It was agreed by 14 out of 16 members present that a simple majority (51%) of those who voted (minimum 33% membership) would carry a decision.

NB: 2 out of 16 members present preferred a 2/3 majority of agreement in order to carry a decision, but were happy with the final majority decision.

It was agreed that the consultation process on Constitutional Change would be thus:

  1. New Constitution and CIC Statement would be available on the NASA UK website for 4 weeks
  2. Members would be informed of this via mailchimp email and asked to comment
  3. Management Committee members would discuss members comments and make any amendments
  4. Amended New Constitution and CIC Statement would be available on the NASA UK website and members asked to vote via Surveymonkey and given two weeks to do so

It was agreed that advice on the new constitution should also be sought from (Jackie at) ITC.

(The newest draft of the new constitution and CIC statement was available for members to read and comment upon during and after the meeting.)


  1. Members proposed resolutions

No new members proposed resolutions


  1. Any other business

Bev thanked the management Committee on behalf of the membership for their work during the past year.

The topic of membership and fees was raised again and it was agreed that a deadline by which membership can be withdrawn without cost (which was seen as a very good idea), currently June each year, is way too lenient and leaves NASA UK with uncertain finances throughout the year and therefore unable to use the finances from membership (the main income) to accurately cashflow or commit as matchfunding. It was suggested that this cut off date (ie when you inform NASA that you are leaving and will not be paying this year) should be March, with final invoices paid by June at the latest.

Other membership options were discussed such as membership costs related to organization size/ income/ NPO status etc. this was also seen as potential way ahead.

Encouraging people to set up annual standing orders for membership should be pushed hard again this year.

Displaying the NASA UK logo on your website is also encouraged.

Fundraising ideas were discussed to match fund NASA UK’s large GFA bid later in the year. People were into giving their time and performances, but would request minimum of expenses if no fees were available. It was thought that a couple of events (north and south) might work well.

It was also proposed that NASA UK could be present at some of the larger festivals to raise it’s profile representing Outdoor Artists.


  1. Date/s of next meetings

FLOI 2017 date/venue TBC




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