NASA UK has been invited to the ISAN Conference 2015 in Hull

NASA UK has been invited to the ISAN Conference in Hull 24th -25th November.

NASA is leading a session and we would like your input!

Paschale writes:

How can commissions be more successful for both artists and producers?

Dear Members,

Over the last few years there have been murmurings concerning commissioning processes in the UK. In some cases, artists’ fees have been unrealistic for the amount of work to create and present a show. In some cases, artists receive funding to create a piece of work but find themselves without the creative support that they would like to develop their practice. Perhaps you feel excluded from applying for Commissions? Whatever you have to say, NASA UK is ready to receive your input.

Paschale Straiton (Red Herring), a member the Steering Group and Kim Tilbrook, NASA UK Project Manager 2015 (G4A Projects 2015) have been invited by ISAN to host a discussion forum on the topic of commissions at their conference in Hull next week, on 24th and 25th November. We would like to come equipped with ideas and suggestions of ways in which the commissioning process could be improved
This is where you come in!

You can post your input anonymously here   – this will allow you to be honest and open about any problems that you have encountered in the past, without being identified! So, in your contribution don’t identify yourself! But you are welcome to identify yourself if you want to!

If you would like to share a problem/issue also please suggest a solution as to how this problem might be overcome in the future.

We wish to present and have a positive and constructive conversation that will allow Artists to work as well as possible with producers and programmers.

For example: we would like to suggest to well-funded organisations like Without Walls, who perhaps lack the staff to be able to engage with artistic development with their commissions, to consider working with artists as mentors for those who request it.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated: NASA UK is Artist-led, so your input is valuable and vital!


By the way, you can use Anonymous Posting anytime about anything!

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