NASA Yearbook – how it works

Hi NASA Members,

If you want to be included in the Yearbook …

Send me a printable image that we can use in the Yearbook.

Please attach your image here

Please note: high resolution printable image 300dpi and at least 10cms x 15cms. The image fits best if its a portrait or square.

Improve your Blurb! We use the promo blurb that you sent to us for the website and you can find what you wrote on this page , scroll down the page to find all members listed alphabetically

If you want to update your blurb on the website and/or in the Yearbook email me

Download the Yearbook to see how it looks –

nasa yearbook 2013 – A5 web size   6.7mb

nasa yearbook 2013 – A5 high res   14.5mb

nasa yearbook 2013 – A4 landscape double sided   19.9mb

If you like (or don’t like) the Yearbook leave a comment! Or if you have a suggestion – e.g. should we include your phone numbers in the yearbook?

Many thanks



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One comment on “NASA Yearbook – how it works
  1. This is a great resource and and very well put together promotional platform for all street performers and Artistes alike.
    Great value for the members and a must have for all agents and promoters.

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