The Programme and Timetable

Download the Daily Timetable HERE

Collaboration is the name of the game. We will write, create and share and then we will do it again! This course is all about finding new ways of working and finding new people to work with. We will all collaborate.

Performers get to write – habitually and naturally.

Writers experience a direct and immediate translation of words by performers into performances.

Performers, Writers and Digital Artists will explore how technology can communicate stories or enhance the audience experience. We will be focussing on easy access mobile phone based technology, the kind everyone has in their hands and uses all the time.

We will work fast and dirty – giving you the ideas, inspiration, methodology and new connections to further develop your creative practice after the course.

Each day will start with a warming up session, preparing the mind, communication, sense of play, the body and the pen. Writing in your journal (which we will provide) will be a key feature all the way through the course.

The social element of the course is also very important, hence the communal evening meal costed in as part of the course, as this is when new friendships are also formed, solidified and new ideas proposed and discussed.

Each day will start at 9.30am with the warm up session then following session 1, lunch is at 1pm. Session 2 finishes at 5pm, the twilight session is 5.30-7pm. Dinner is at 7-8pm and evening session from 8pm until beer o’clock.

It will be full on, hard work, inspiring, informative, demanding and most importantly – brilliant brilliant fun!

Here is the timetable (correct at time of writing…)


OPTIONAL EXTRA – Monday 28th Sept – Desperate Men

If you can join us, come see Desperate Men in the climax of the Bristol Loves Tides Project, part of Bristol’s year as European Green Capital.  Proxi and Peri will arrive by boat at the Nova Scotia pub landing at 8.10pm. The performance event will then proceed to Cumberland Basin where at 8.22pm the tide, lit only by the Blood Moon will be at its highest for 18 years. (Let us know if you need an extra night accommodation on this night)


DAY 1 – Tues 29th Sept – Where do stories come from?

Prep session – Intros and welcomes

Session 1 – Stories from Scratch – Mike Akers and John Nicholson – Methods for inventing new stories and then performing them

Session 2 – New Stories from Old – Edson Burton and Emma Williams – Recreating stories from history, myth or fairy tale. Finding new perspectives from classic structures. Perform the stories.

Twilight session –  Sharing

Evening Session – TALK: Nick Green (ACE) and friends.  Outdoor Arts: Scale and Perspective: where are we now and how did we get here?  Presentation and group discussion

DAY 2 – Dialogue and Development

Prep Session – Paschale Straiton

Session 1  – Dramatic Story Structure – Lucy Catherine and Emma Williams –

Session 2 – Open writing session. A chance to develop some of the ideas from the previous three sessions with  help and support from Emma, Lucy and John.

Twilight Session – Rosie Poebright – Outdoor Digital Art – some of what has been done before, why it might be useful to you and an introduction to Twillio.

Evening Session – TALK: Mandy Dike – Enhancing character and story with pyros and special effects

Day 3 – Other Languages

Prep Session – Richard Headon

Session 1 – Exploring the Visual Vernacular – Kyra Pollitt and David Ellington – Visual Vernacular (VV) is often used in creative forms of British Sign Language. It involves acute observation of human behaviour, coupled with the ability to edit these behaviours down to their shortest and clearest visual/physical clues. This workshop will combine some theory and discussion with some practical activities to help develop/ hone your Visual Vernacular skills.

Session 2 – Digital Vocabulary – Rosie Poebright – Exploring the function of Twilio and how to use it in response the words and stories already created and those we would like to share.

Twilight Session – Sharing

Evening Session – TALK: Liz Pugh, Walk the Plank: Large Scale Story Telling. Using past projects Liz will explore the methods and challenges of telling stories large scale.

DAY 4 – Place and Words

Prep session – Paschale Straiton

Sessions 1 & 2 – Inua Ellams  – Take a journey round Bristol for the day with Inua, find writing inspiration from place, based on or inspired by locations we visit;  collect words from graffiti art, write what places make you feel or think off. Perform your spoken words.

Twilight Session – Sharing and What to do tomorrow?!!

Evening Session – PERFORMANCE: Miss Behave’s Gameshow at The Cube

Mobile phone technology integrated into a performance at it’s best, funniest and most craziest. We have reduced cost tickets!!!

Day 5 – Plan, Prep and Share

Prep Session –Richard Headon

Session 1 – The PLAN – What have we done this week? Do we want to share? What do we want to Share? How do we pull it all together? Who does what where?

Session 2 – The PREP – running around practicing and getting stuff all together

3pm – SHARE – Bristol City Centre – several places, somewhere….

5pm – reflect and evaluate

OPTIONAL EXTRA – 7pm – ‘Crane Dance’ on Bristol Docks

Evening Session – Celebrate, relax, swop numbers and emails, share ideas, make proposals, dance and CHILL at the Full Moon and Attic Bar.