NASA UK runs various projects that support the development of outdoor arts.

For the Love of It (FLOI)

FLOI is a gathering of Artists and/or Companies and Producers, Bookers, Makers… anyone in the outdoor and street arts sector or anyone in any sector really (FLOI is open to everyone).

For the Love Of It 2018 – March 2nd-4th 2018



Two Outdoor Artists In A Bar, One Turns To The Other And Says

Interviews with our members – Street Theatre Performers & Outdoor Artists.


Past Projects


Outdoor Arts Lab 2015

The Outdoor Arts Lab is a 5 day course and a creative and collaborative journey. It offers a chance for practitioners to explore new ideas, new working relationships, to experiment and play, focussing on creating work for the outdoors.

UPDATE: This project was delivered successfully, but with less than the  numbers of participants that we had hoped for. Feedback from Participants was positive, but not enough people joined it to make it financially sustainable. We are reviewing how we can make a new edition of this project work and hope to do something in 2018.

Reframe The Streets 2015

Reframe the Streets creates, promotes and facilitates constructive and reflective critical conversations about outdoor arts. Artists working alongside artists.

UPDATE: We applied for funds to develop a larger version of this  but were unsuccessful. However, we see that there are a few different projects in the field of Critical Responses being worked up in the UK arts scene  by various agencies so we are following what’s developing  to see if NASA can be a part of what is an important part of creating new work, making ‘reviewing’ useful and relevant to new outdoor arts productions, supporting Artists/Companies development of shows and so on.

The Archive Project

Street and outdoor artists practice in an ephemeral world. This project try to capture and safely retain some trace for open access, research and practice for future generations. We aim to create a National Street and Outdoor Arts Archive.

UPDATE: we were turned down in our Application to Heritage Lottery for this project in 2015 so we’ve put this idea onto the back-burner until someone comes along to lead it it and re-apply. We do think its an important idea. If you think so too – anyone – then let us know. We need some energy to re-write and re-apply.