For the Love Of It (FLOI)

Which is the answer to the question “Why do we do this?”

FLOI was started by Pete Gunson (PifPaf) and Chris Squire (Impossible Arts) and after their first two events they started working with NASA UK to develop the event, idea, concept.

FLOI is a gathering of Artists and/or Companies and Producers, Bookers, Makers… anyone in the outdoor and street arts sector or anyone in any sector really (FLOI is open to everyone)

The meetings are informal and fun, relaxed and creative.

Everyone who comes along is invited to participate – give a talk, make a presentation, help with the cooking, present a show or work-in-progress and we spend two or three days together.

FLOI 18 Announced here

We have been hosted by:

101 Arts Creation Space,  Newbury. 2015, 2017

The Watershed in Huddersfield, 2016.

Appetite in Stoke-on-Trent, 2014

The College Project in Bristol, 2013

The Lanternhouse in Cumbria, 2012