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Know-How underpins everything!

Know-How underpins everything that we do at NASA UK, from our annual gathering For the Love Of It where skills are shared, developed and showcased, to representing our members and their abilties to the wider world. We often find ourselves needing to be in the know and sharpish, and if we don’t? We probably know someone who does. 

All of that hard earned learning adds up. Collectively we have well over a thousand years experience in outdoor arts between us. Our members are multitalented individuals with many a trick up their sleeve.

  • Looking for an act based on their skill?
  • Searching for that extra bit of expertise?
  • Seeking a specialist or consultant?
  • Want some help to figure out once and for all how to do that thing?


You’ve come to the right place. 

Seek members out

  • Search our Members based on their Know-How.
  • Find yourself a specialist, performer, consultant or collaborator.
  • Select which Skills you are seeking – check out the list opposite for categories.
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Choose from:

Audience Participation / Working a crowd
Carnival / Procession
Choreography / Dance 
Community performance
Creating Music / Song
Developing partnerships & projects
Devising / Writing
Effects – Water / Inflatables
Fundraising / Bid writing
Intimate / strolling performance
Large-scale projects
Lighting / Projection
Power / Batteries
Promotion, PR and Social media
puppetry + Puppet construction
Pyrotechnics / Fire
Set / Prop construction
site specific work
Static / circle shows
Training and Workshops
Video / Photography 
Writing, reflecting, reviewing

What else do you want to Know?

We will regularly update the site with useful information, skill share videos and guest talks. We have lots in the pipeline, coming soon to this website near you. 


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Meanwhile do check out:

  • Our Working Conditions and Contracts page for information and tips, including on insurance. 
  • The Risk Assessment Considerations document (see footer below or Home page) for advice we commissioned with OAUK taking into account Covid-19 restrictions.  
  • Our Videos page for FLOI guest artist talks & workshop highlights. 

Do you need a bit of “Know-How”?

If you are not a member please write to us at missioncontrol@nasauk.org and we can forward any requests for Know-How or Expertise.