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  See the Benefits

  • Create your brand new member profile highlighting your projects, work and experience
  • Fill us in on your unique skill base & Know-How so you come up on skill searches
  • Put yourself on the Map of Members (coming soon)
  • Join our member only email group & Mailchimp list
  • Use the NASA UK logo on your promo, email, website or tattoo
  • Get NASA UK members advice on issues from tech to how to make to contracts
  • Get a £10 discount for FLOI & reduced rates to our events
  • Get involved. Share, Learn & Play with other members
  • Have more fun!

What does it cost?


individual membership
Our individual and concessionary rates remain the same:
  • Individual – £20*
  • Concession – £10* students & disabled artists

*If you’d like to be a member but are facing hardship, please contact us…


Group membership Nasa uk

We have introduced a new category for Companies who can now have up to 4 named members within their package:

  • Company Rate – £30 Lead member + up to 2 named members.
  • Company Rate – £40 Lead member + 3 named members.
If you are a regularly funded organisation and are able & wish to pay more, we are happy to accept donations to NASA via our paypal.

If you would like to support an artist you know, who can’t afford individual membership – you could consider including them in your company package as an associate artist.*

* You will have one shared profile.

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The new Membership / Payment System

NASA UK membership, payments & invoicing is now done using an online membership system called MemberMojo. The Join Now form above is run through MemberMojo. All 2020 members have been transferred to the new system. If you were a 2020 member you will need to renew by clicking Join / Renew or Sign In to update your Membership. 

On Joining / Renewing Members receive:

  1. an email with log in details for managing payment info & member details on MemberMojo.
  2. a link with instructions on how to create their Member Profile on the website.


If you didn’t get it, check your spam? + or drop us a line at missioncontrol@nasauk.org

You can now easily access your NASA UK membership details, and payment information. You can also edit the information we hold on you for reference, check on your membership status and renew your membership. You can set a password or request a link using your email address. To do this go to the Join / Renew form above this block and click on Sign In. 

What’s changed?

Previously NASA membership ran from 1st Jan – 31st Dec. From now on your annual membership will be valid for 1 year starting from the time when you Renew (current members) or Join (new members).
* You will receive automated reminder emails to renew as your membership year is coming to an end.  

Need further guidance or have a question?

Drop us a line at: missioncontrol@nasauk.org

We will be happy to help. 

Want to make a donation to NASA UK?

You can do this through our PayPal by clicking on the button…👉
All donations are gratefully received and support our ongoing work.

Want to make a donation to NASA UK?

You can do this through our PayPal by clicking on the button…👇
All donations are gratefully received and support our ongoing work.