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Chris Squire - ImpossibleOffline

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About Me

Chris Squire

owner driver

Alumni of BA (Hons) Performing Arts, Leicester

Steering Group member of  NASA-UK

Chair of 6 Million+ Charitable Trust

Resident at The Watershed, Slaithwaite

Founder and artistic director of Impossible (www.impossible.org.uk).

Impossible is a well established participatory and digital arts organisation who create extraordinary experiences in everyday locations. We develop innovative and high quality engaging, interactive and participatory arts projects that mix visual arts with digital media technologies.

Based at The Watershed in Slaithwaite, West Yorkshire, Chris’ roots are in the performing arts having produced a series of strongly visual and richly musical performance pieces that have toured around the world.

Now, having moved beyond theatre, his work is at the forefront of participatory events, digital technologies and installations. Using digital and visual arts approaches to create participatory or interactive artworks.

Chris is a creative professional with years experience in producing a wide range of participatory, digital and visual arts projects and educational workshops. He often works in collaboration with leading artists / organisations from many disciplines and his work has been seen across Europe and further.

From large-scale spectaculars to one off workshops, creating innovative arts projects that engage people of all walks of life.

Much work is outside traditional arts establishments, producing projects for domestic, neighbourhood, community, civic, education, retail and work environments; creating extraordinary experiences in everyday locations.

creative + digital + engagement


Featured Project


Shadowdance takes ‘dancing in the streets’ to a whole new level. The audience becomes performer as floodlights magnify your multi-coloured silhouette to the size of a building.

The effects get even the most reticent of dancers cutting interesting shapes as their shadows interact with other members of the audience and life suddenly becomes a rainbow coloured trick of the light.

  • #Light, colour, dance, participation, public


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