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Bell and Bullock

Bell and Bullock are Karen Bell and Dafe Bullock (see what they did there?). Together they founded their company in 1991 and 30 years later are still going strong. This street theatre duo bring you gentle comedy and creative nonsense with their highly participatory shows and walkabout acts. Touring (inter) nationally, they have built a reputation for entertaining the crowds at events and festivals all year round.

They met in their home town of Bristol whilst attending training at Fool Time and discovered a shared passion for circus, clowning and street theatre. Karen went on to do the Drama degree at Newcastle Poly and lured Dafe up north to join her. Once there, his background in marine engineering has enabled them to turn their fantastical ideas into ingenious reality. They now regularly collaborate with other skillful makers, designers and theatre directors to realise their visions.

All acts feature strong comic characterisation, impressive costumes, mind-boggling contraptions and surreal tricks to amuse and fascinate. With a wealth of experience they are able to coax even the shiest of children (and adults) to join in. Their work can be found in a myriad of outdoor settings, portable performances brimming with joie de vivre.



Doorstep Shows

This video includes clips of our performances for the Doorstep Gigs programme run by Jack Drum Arts for communities in the 3 Towns Area Action Partnership (AAP) in County Durham during 2020.

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