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About Me

Olivia Marie Dineley

Freelance Theatre Practitioner

Hi! My name is Olivia (but I usually go by Liv) and I am a Third Year Student of Coventry University’s Theatre and Professional Practice course, during which I have developed skills in many areas including Writing, Devising, Audio Technology, and Outdoor Theatre.

I grew up in a place where Theatre was not very accessible, therefore it’s lead me to creating theatre that is free and in a place where everyone can see it. Theatre changed my life and if I can take Theatre out to people who usually get no chance to see it, then I feel much more accomplished and happier about my work. This has led me to creating much more Outdoor Theatre; I make it imperative to create shows that can tour easily and are fully adaptable to a range of situations.

I am very hard-working and like to say yes to as many opportunities as possible, the results of which led me to working with The Fabularium and the Lions part as a performer and gained great experience in Outdoor Theatre from doing this. I am also in process of writing an Outdoor show ready for performance when Covid is under much better control. I have also had experience in creating puppets from clay (see image in slideshow), and briefly learned how to operate puppets for show use. I have collaborated as a technician for many shows, ranging from small 20 minute performances, right up to 2 hour musical shows that required me to operate live mixing, mics, SFX and AV at one time. Throughout all of these things, I have developed my skills and learned how to problem-solve, multitask and work well as a team. I want people I work with to feel like are part of a collaboration where everyone works hard to make for an effective outcome.