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Professor Queen-Bee


Professor Queen-Bee has an academic background in Ecology and Environmental Science. She uses a range of performing arts – namely puppetry, clowning and her flea circus – as conduits to help unpack complex environmental and sustainability issues and topics in silly, fun and interactive ways.

To this end, Professor Queen-Bee offers a range of shows including her ‘green’ Punch and Judy Show (called ‘It’s Bee-Hind You’); a walkabout routine as (a reformed) Mr. Punch,  a Flea Circus; The Tree Doctor (who prescribes a range of nature friendly, immersive activities); plus a range of other Eco-Clown characters.

She is also a member of ‘The Disappointing Clown Company’ – which does what it says on the tin – including crap face painting, rubbish balloon modelling and Pig Racing. Their strapline is:  ‘Book early to avoid satisfaction’!



The Tree Doctor at London Tree Week

The Tree Doctor is a well-known specialist of the terrible epidemic that is sweeping our nation – namely ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’. Her pop-up, outdoor surgery offers a walk-in service, where patients get involved in lots of immersive activities to help them get close to the nature and wildlife on their doorsteps.  No appointment is  necessary and all treatment is FREE at the point of delivery – thanks to our marvelous NHS (The NATURAL Health Service).


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