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FLOI 24 – As It Happened


At For the Love Of It – those of us who are on the steering group always try to use the opportunity of being together in person  to have a proper meeting before we get going, so on Friday at 11am we met at Walk the Plank, reviewing the schedule and assigning spaces, planning the weekend, consolidated plans for the AGM, and for the year ahead. Then it was all about FLOI prep – like any kind of big party prep but squared. 


Things kicked off at 6:30 with Liz Pugh introducing us to Walk the Plank’s Cobden Works, our venue for the weekend, with a reflection on this year’s theme 

– About Time, enacting an ancient tradition of Roman soldiers gifting sprigs of Thyme, in this case grown on site.

FLOI founder Chris Squire gave the annual introductory talk to get us going with a provocation about our theme, including a concise demonstration of the concept of the magic of Theatre (and Comedy) being all about… timing.



After a delicious 3 course dinner from our Producer in Chef – Jeremy Shine, we were treated to a talk from one of our two guest artists,  Kevin Edward Turner, who talked us through the timeline of his career in dance and choreography, and his outdoor work with Company Chameleon, focussing on 3 projects spanning that time.

Saturday AM

The morning warm up was led by Greg Champion using a collection of singing bowls, which led into improvisational movement and play with sound. 

[*** Incase you have never been to For the Love Of It, it will help you to know that the workshop slots consists of sessions offered by FLOI attendees – usually with one practical, one technical and one talky – all running at the same time. Think: skillshare tapas…***] 


Workshop 1 consisted of 3 sepersate workshops run in parallel:


1 – Fire Breathing with Rob Sim.

“We ate Fire for breakfast and then had a well deserved nap on a Bed Of Nails.”

2 – Comedy song writing with Kitty O’blitherin: 

“Getting our inspiration for a comedy song. 30 mins later there were three finished songs and hilarious themes 

were Good Manners / Bad Manners, The End of the World (to the tune of Silent Night!) and World Peace.”

3 – A silent disco kit demo and play workshop with Paschale Straiton, with a chance to try it out on each other. 

Volunteers were sent out to the street wearing headphones and directed over the airwaves by microphone. 

“We told them – to enact a brazilian soap opera style wedding proposal; to stalk joggers; and stage a jurassic park reenactment.”

After a chance to top up on tea and cake, we had our Annual General Meeting – our chance as NASA UK to report and feedback to members what we have been up to – our new co-chair roles, secretary and treasurer, and our outline plan for the year ahead – including brand new Space Station labs in the autumn, our desire to restructure and review our constitution, and the fledgling plans for a sector wide review in partnership with OAUK.

 We then held our Congress, the bit of the meeting where we hear from everyone present. 

A conversation in which we discussed discrepancies in fees and commissions across the industry, gigs and sector health too.

Saturday PM 


After lunch, we had a guest artist talk, this time from Rosie Freeman, taking us through her experience of creatively producing

everything from art cafes to outdoor raves, and large scale projection mapping, including her extensive work with Brick Box Ladies.

Rosie then led into break out groups in a drawing exercise to outline our hand, filling in strengths and weaknesses, followed by a ritualised burning off of what was not serving us anymore, out in the yard.

The second workshop slot included a playful session on improvising your way to complicite with Karen Bell, a chance to ‘Get Your (Dura) Stilts On’ with Barry and Sarah Han of Artemis… 

“Learnt how to use Dura stilts which have a platform not a peg. Did a warm up and learnt how to fall. Then worked in pairs and had a great time. Our confidence built quickly!” 

And a discussion of the double list / carnet options for touring in the EU. 


Some new walkabout costumes animated our tea and cake break… 

…before the 3rd workshop slot, with a session on Clown Activism from Robyn Hambrook… 

And a technical overview of all things 12 and 24V with Dave Bullock…

A 3 course dinner was followed by us hanging out in the Outside Inn, our donation bar, run by our very own Gareth Price-Baghurst. 



The Sunday morning warm up was a meditation session led by Jay Simpson, followed by workshop slot 4

Choreographer Ruth Jones led a session on moving the masses – dance, procession and strolling. 


“Fantastic intro into parade movement, through improv, set choreography and everything in between.” 

Danielle de la Wonk led a group in Getting Your Hula Hooping. 

Mike Pattison demonstrated how to motorise mechanical moving stuff, including remotely…

“We looked at how to motorise inanimate objects and laughed our arses off! We looked at how it all works (both wired and remote controlled), what to buy and of course how to play!” 

Megan Brooks talked a group through her DYCP focus on sound effect enhanced audio description. (Pic below for illustration only!) 

After much needed cake, Kevin Edward Turner took us through our paces in a choreographed movement sequence and dance off…

See a funny 1 minute video of this on Instagram here



Before going for a pre lunch walk in the park to practice gurning.

FLOI is all about the chance to share together, in meals and merriment. The Sunday Roast was our final 3 course cracker. Followed by a clean up and pack down with many hands on deck. 

A massive thank you to our hosts Liz Pugh and John Wassell, and the rest of the team from Walk the Plank, for having us in their fantastic space at Cobden Works for the 3rd time now. Check out their website, newsletter, projects, work and artist residency opportunities at www.walktheplank.co.uk


For the Love Of It really is made up of the sum of its participants, along with our guest artists, and this was a much needed bumper heart warmer full of great vibes and shared special moments.


Keep an eye out for more from us in the coming months as there are several exciting developments on the cards.


Meantime it’s over and out from all of us space cadets at Mission Control. xox