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Liz & Daniel Lempen


Lempen Puppet Theatre is a touring company specialising in puppet theatre performances for more than 30 years. Since 2005 we have branched out into the outside space with our ‘Theatre for One’ and ‘Penny Farthing Bicycle’ shows. We focus on the puppet and puppetry to delight and inspire our audineces of all ages. We enjoy the interactions between puppets and audience and the magic of the storytelling moment. We have performed all UK, Europe and as far afield as China, Chile and the Caribbean.


A 20 minute street theatre to delight auidence of all ages.

A very, very long time ago there lived a fisherman, together with his wife, in a small cottage made of dirty old metal. They had everything they ever needed and were happy and content.  Then one day a talking fish starts granting them wishes…


This traditional story from the fairy tale collection of the Brother’s Grimm has a sudden rebirth and renewed relevance in the present day. The story is told from a box, mounted at the front of a penny farthing bicycle and will keep both children and adults entertained.


The 20 minute show is ideal for outdoor performances and can be performed several times a day. A great festival show, but equally at home in alternative theatre spaces and even private gardens.


Video trailer: https://youtu.be/OmCIdcG5xbI



The Fisher and his Wife

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